Zoo passes nation wide

One of our readers here in the Boise area found this great Thrifty Tip. This is nation wide, and is even able to be used in Canada and Mexico. This is a great deal to get a year pass for the family and use it where ever you may go. Read her email:

I thought that I would share this with you because not only is it supporting your local zoo but it’s an awesome deal if anyone is planning a vacation this spring/summer!
My family is going to Portland and Seattle and we love going to the zoo! So I was searching on-line for a coupon or deal to our local zoo and decided to look into a year family pass. It only costs $65.00 to our local zoo and that gets you into the zoo for one full year and into all of their events like “Boo at the Zoo” in October.
So I kept reading and our local zoo has a Reciprocal agreement with about 100 zoo’s and you can either get into them for free with your Zoo pass or get a great discount!
Passes to Portland Zoo is $9.75 per adult and Seattle is $11 per adult and kids 3 & up are not much cheaper!…but with the Zoo Family Pass it’s FREE to get into both zoo’s!!! The pass will pay for itself after one trip to our Zoo and one trip to Portland and we still have an entire year left!


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  1. Thats a great tip. We have used our zoo pass in california,Utah,arizona and idaho.It is always a great family activity on vacation.

    BTW another tip is to purchase the happenings coupons for the zipcode that you are visiting. Right now they are 50% off through their website. My family did this when we visited california and it saved us a lot of money as well.

  2. What is BTW?

  3. By the way….

  4. The Discovery Center in Boise also has a simmilar program. They are also offering $10 off family memberships until 4/15/09. We are planning a trip to California in October and will be able to use it there and anywhere else we travel in the next year. Great deal!

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