Sunday means .59cent Salad Dressing

This week at Albertsons The Kraft Salad Dressings is part of the promo,  Buy $10 in Participating product and get $3 off instantly.
Making them $2.09 each
But in this Sundays 3/28 Smart Source coupon  insert there is a coupon for $1.50 off one Kraft 16oz salad dressing.  Use this coupon along with the sale  and it will take the cost down to 
.59 cents a bottle.
Now that is a Thrifty Deal!  I love Kraft Dressing!
Now just because it is on the Insert Preview list it does not mean all areas will get it, in their Sundays Smart Source. ( remember the post I did on it here) I am keeping my Fingers crossed that it shows up in mine!!!!!

Thrifty Reader Update for Safeway – For the Kraft salad dressing, it is still 1.50 with a purchase of 10 qualifying items at Safeway. So, after the coupon coming out this Sunday, that would make it free- the best price of all!

Jeanette in WA


4 Responses

  1. How do you preview upcoming coupon inserts? I’d love to be in the know!

  2. Well in my short blog posting life, (2months) I have become friends with a store manager, and a store director. So I have my connections. check back often. 😉 some deals I find out about way before the sale comes public, but i’m not allowed to post it till they say ok.

  3. ah-huh! Any tips on getting in the know with my local store managers? I’ve recently rededicated my blog to highlight savings and deals in Southern California, as there are very few blogs out there for us Los Angeles people! I would love to know a few tips/tricks on acquiring connections like that! I love your site, but sadly a lot of the sales/deals you post aren’t always valid out here in Hollywood land, and most of the stores we don’t have out here! (Save for Alberstons/CVS/Walgreens- but I’ve noticed that your Albertsons adds are different than mine.) Still LOVE your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So much I tell everyone about it! =)

  4. I read on another blog the kraft salad dressing is on rollback at walmart for 1.59, not all stores rollback at the same time but something to checl if you are in walmart because that would make it only .09.

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