I got my Free Taco Shells did you?

Before sales and coupons this would have cost $26.28
I got them FREE
All I had to pay was Sales tax $1.57

To read the details of how to do it click here!
Today I did not shop at my normal Albertsons, I am visiting family. I bought 6 shells for me and 6 for them. But their store had a huge display of them towards the back of the store.  I know my local store ordered a lot in, just for this sale.  But if for some reason your store is out of stock, make sure you ask for a rain check, the catalina will print up till 4-19-09.

I also had $1 off coupons for the Dinner Kits  I got these about 6 months ago.  I waited to use them….It paid off.  Using them with today’s sale and Catalina offer made them FREE.

7 Responses

  1. How are the flavored shells? I’ve never had those before!

  2. I’m jealous…our Albertsons doesn’t even carry “Taco Bell” brand anything…



  3. I wonder if Jewel is running the same deal? I hope so because I’m out of shells!

  4. I have a file of old Smart Source and Red Plum inserts. Do you remember what month the Taco Bell dinner coupons were in?

  5. They were not in an insert…they were peelies off some beans I bought. Some people said they have found peelies on the taco bell products that are on sale…..I did not but keep your eyes open

  6. The taco shells are free essentially when you buy them in sets of four. What things did you find that were a good deal to add up to 6.00 to go with the taco shells. (did you put the cheese with the shells)

  7. No but you could, I added 100 calorie snack packs with a .75 cent coupon. And nabisco crakers had a coupon. Any thing on the back page of the Alberstsons ad will work

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