3 great ways to get Kraft Salad Dressing

3 ways to get Salad dress .59 cents or LESS

 Kraft salad dressing is on rollback at Walmart for 1.59, not all stores rollback at the same time but something to check if you are in Walmart.  If you use the $1.50 coupon in this upcoming sunday insert, that would make it only .09. ( Thanks Jill, and Hendricks family)
Winco Food
I was at the Winco on Front st. yesterday. They had 16oz Kraft salad dressing on sale for $1.98.  Next to them was  pile of pull off coupons for 1.50 off one.  So that would make them .48. I thought that was a good deal.  They were on the isle when you first walk in and there was only  ranch, zesty Italian and thousand island there so I don’t know if any others are on sale. ( Thanks Mindy)



3 Responses

  1. Safeway also has the pull off coupons right next to the Kraft dressing.

  2. What insert was this in? I wish I would have gotten this coupon in our Sunday paper! What a great deal!

  3. It was in the Smart Source

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