Thrifty Ready Serve Bacon

Have you tried the ready serve pre-cooked bacon?  It is pretty good, and fast.  The only bad thing is it cost about twice as much as the normal Bacon.  I thought I would tell you how we make our own Ready Serve Bacon.  Last week I got bacon Free at WINCO and this week it is on sale for $1.99 at Albertsons.  With a little bit of prep to can have your own ready serve bacon at half the price.

Place the uncooked bacon flat on a baking sheet.  Bake at 400 degrees  20-35 mins.  You have to keep an eye on it, depending on how thick it is.  The thicker it is the longer it takes to cook.

I like my bacon crisp…but you have to leave it just under cooked a bit.  Crispy on the edges but still able to bend with out breaking.

Drain on a paper towel,  let cool.  Place in zip lock bag, you can freeze it or keep it in the refrigerator.  When you want to have hot Ready Serve Bacon just take a piece out and place it in the microwave for 45 second up to 1 Minute.  Enjoy your ready serve bacon at half the price!


3 Responses

  1. We had BLT’s with their pepper bacon last night. This is a great idea, because the ready to serve is as thin as our free WINCO bacon. I love the thick, so that would be a great heads up. I really enjoy all your hints and the hard work you put into this. I am in Meridian, but was raised in Caldwell. The number of people you have reached is amazing. Every day I tell more people about your site.

  2. I LOVE IT! I have a teenage son that is a very picky eater, but he has quite an appetite. Like you pre-cooked baon is too expensive, especially when he can eat a pound in one serving. This is a perfect idea for before practice or after school.
    Thanks for everything you do.

  3. I have been cooking bacon like this for years. It works great!

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