Obama welcome to our World

The other day it was early in the morning I was fixing breakfast.  I could hear the kids Playing in their room.  Since News channel 2 came to our house, they have been playing camera man together.  I love to watch them use their  imaginations and listen to  them play.  My daughter kept saying 1,2,3…….Ok I think we got the shot.  They play this for hours at a time, who new a tripod could be so much fun.
We have been teaching the kids what town we live in, our phone number, our street address.  Also things like who our President is, where daddy works, just basic info.  So as I was listening to the kids play I heard my 4 year old daughter say
” Obama welcome to our world, this is how you use a coupon….this is my BLOG”
 I thought this was SO funny I could not help but laugh!  I am glad my daughter wants to share coupons with the world.


8 Responses

  1. Haha, so precious. I love their imaginations!

  2. How adorable!

  3. love it! that’s hilarious!

  4. Very cute! Kids say the funniest things. 🙂

  5. That is adorable. Just goes to show how much our children hear and understand.

  6. That is too cute! I do wish Obama could see and hear what you and so many of us are doing to make ends meet while he spends our tax money.
    Good job taking a picture of that and writing down this story. I assume you scrapbook – this’ll be cute in that!

  7. My four year has caught on to the coupon thing and it is sweet. We past the fishing pond on Eagle road and Mcmillan and we have never been but he saw kids there and said do you think we could watch for a sale on that mom. He wanted to go there, assumed it cost money and knew we wouldn’t do it at full price.
    When we go into a store he often says can we go to the clearance section.
    It is funny and sort of sad but I guess good for him.
    KIDS are great!

  8. That is too cute! It’s great that they are learning so early!

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