Need to shop but have kids with you?

One of our readers sent this great tip to us. If you have older kids, then this would work great!
She wrote:

Your web page is so fun. I look at it every single day. It helps me so much.
I took the kids that didn’t have to go to church last night and we had a “scavenger hunt” with coupons. They don’t like to shop so I had to make it fun. So we went to Kmart and I had them find the things I had the best coupons for and I got the best deals there. Stuff I need too. I got Body wash, big box of Crest tooth paste, Secret deodorant, 2 boxes of Band aids, 2 Glade air fresheners and animal treats for our dog all for $4.74 It would have been $21.22.

Thank you for all of your information. The only thing that is a little hard for me to understand is the Catalina’s some times, Its the walgreen’s that confuses me.

Thanks again
Donna H.
Hey what a great idea if you have older kids who can match coupons with items. Keeps them interested playing a game!

For help with Catalina’s read here


One Response

  1. I have my little boy (age 4) keep an eye out for the blinkie coupon boxes on the aisles. He gets so excited when he finds them and he helpds me collect coupons. I give him a special bag to collect them in. This gives me just an extra minute to glance at aisles for deals…

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