Friday means FREE Taco Shells

FREE shells and $1 Dinner kits This week at Albertsons

Taco Bell shells are $1.00 BUT when you buy $10, get $3 off instantly.  Making them .70 each
Taco Bell Dinner Kits $2.50 BUT when you buy $10, get $3 off instantly.  Making them $1.75 each
BUT  on Friday a Catalina Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits or Shells
Purchase between 3/27/09 & 4/19/09 
Buy 2 & a $1 catalina will print
Buy 3 & a $2 catalina will print
Buy 4 or more &ca $3 catalina will print

Or if you buy 4 Taco Bell Shells ( with a group of $10 participating sale items) The 4 shells will cost you $2.80 but after you pay you will get back a $3 Catalina Making the shells FREE

If you buy 4 Taco Bell Dinner Kits ( with a group of $10 participating sale items) The Kits will cost you $7.00 but after you pay you will get back a $3 Catalina Making the Dinner kits $1 each
An important tip:  The $3 Catalina will print for 4 or more products bought.  SO only buy 4 shells at a time.  You will have to buy other items to bring you total up to the $10 mark, then you will get your instant $3 off.   Then after you pay the $3 catalina will print.
The Dinner kits are easy, because 4 of those put you at the $10 mark.  It is the Shells that get a little tricky……if you want more than  4 free you will have to split them up into different transactions in groups of $10. 
For more Albertsons deals this week click here

19 Responses

  1. Looks like an awesome deal … unfortunately it’s not available in the Las Vegas area (the prices that is). Thanks for all you’ve been posting, it’s helping a lot! 🙂

  2. Good to know. I always suggest calling or digging out the ad in your area to check before you drive in.

  3. Thx Bunches!

  4. I have a question: Do the Shells count in the $10.00 total, or do you need $10.00 on top of the shells? Does that make sense?


  5. 4 packs of Taco shells count as $4 of the $10 you will need….SO you could get 4 taco shells, 2 packs of wheat thins $2.50 each, and 1 jar off taco bell refried beans and that would give you your $10 total. THen $3 would come off instantly…then use any coupons you might have… and a Catalina for the Shells should print

  6. Ahhh…I see. I have some wheat thin coupons, so I could use those. This is starting to make sense to me! Thank you!

  7. Yes you can use the coupons too….you always have to think of the coupons as cash….the store is getting paid, not from you but from the Manufacturer. So anytime the store has a sale that you have to buy a $ amount it should always be BEFORE coupons….the coupons will then just bring your total down

  8. I don’t see the catalina deal mentioned in the ad anywhere. How do I know it is in my area for sure?

  9. Andrea,
    I find out the Catlaina deals from a wesite called The list them there…..She lists them for Utah but so far they have always worked for Idaho too

  10. so in a single transaction can i purchase 4 kits and 4 shells and recieve 2 catalina’s or can i only get one cat per transaction?

  11. Only one catalina will print per transaction, so split them up into 2 different transactions for 2 to print

  12. Sara- On PYP they have it posted as $3 off OYNSO, I’m confused.

  13. $3 OYNSO “on your next shopping order” same as catalia….use towards your next purchase. Split your orders up and use the catalia for the first order towards the next

  14. Will the catalina print out if you also use a catalina (from a previous purchase but also from Kraft) to pay?

  15. It should….Walgreens is the only one that won’t let you pay with the same items catalian

  16. Can you buy 2 taco bell dinner kits and 2 taco shells in the same order, and still get the catalina or does it have to be all taco shells or dinner kits together?

  17. Yes you can buy 2 and 2

  18. I bought 3 of the shells last night a long with the Kelloggs catalina deal and the Post deal and NONE of my Catalinas printed the cashier said the manager would get them printed for me the next day, but none of them knew anything about the Taco Bell catalina deal and so they are just giving me the $5 for the Post and 3 gallons of mil for purchasing 7 Kelloggs cereals. How can I get the Taco Bell Catalina if they aren’t working at my store?

  19. Leah….you had to buy 4 shells for a catalina to print…you could take them back return them they buy them back again….adding a 4th and THEN a catalina should print.
    Good luck

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