Albertsons Update on Coupons

In speaking to my Local Manager I have learned that Albertsons will no longer be taking competitors coupons.  It will be official on April 3rd but many stores started on March 18th.  This means they will also no longer be taking Walgreens Register Rewards.  I will be honest I was disappointed to hear this news.  But since they came out with this rule change they have had 2 weeks with double coupons, milk 3 for $5 and many other GREAT sales.  Offering great sales like these makes up for any competitors coupons I may have used. I continue to be impressed with their customer service, friendly cashiers and kindness I have been shown while shopping at their store.  

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  1. Still an awesome deal with the double coupons! I wish our Albertsons did that.

  2. I too was very disappointed today. I agree that they have had some good deals, it just makes it difficult when things change so much.

  3. Yes, I to was told that last tuesday was the last day to use Fred Meyer coupons at Albertsons. But I have to say there SALES have been ALOT more the way they should be. KEEP IT UP Albertsons

  4. My manager said Walgreens RR will still be accepted at Eagle/McMillan because they are a manufacture coupon and not a competitor coupon

  5. Its always confusing when “new” policies come out. Ours said that too till corporate told them other wise. It starts April 3 officially, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

  6. Ours in Eastern Washington stopped Jan 31st! I was so sad, but they have been offering better in-store coupons and double coupons so I haven’t missed it that much. Ours is also getting really strict about internet printables. I don’t even use them there anymore at all, it’s not worth the hassle.

  7. Your website has some really great deals to share but as someone who lives in NJ there aren’t any “Albertsons” and many of your hints have alot to do with “Albertsons”. Anyway you can just stick with giving hints at stores that everyone has access to, like K-Mart, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.

  8. Well, Anonymous, it’s Matt. Not every community has a Kmart, Walmart, or Walgreens. So either way we wont be making every one happy. We have links on the left of the site for large grocery stores, and will be adding to them almost daily. Soon will be Saveway, HEB (down south) and many more in the works.
    Plus Sarah really only shops at Walgreens, and Alberstons. Kmart is usually out of stock, and Walmart doesn’t have a lot of couponing deals

  9. I love that your blog is local.. I realize you have many readers but its hard to find a blog that is for readers in Idaho.. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  10. I,too, love that you are a Caldwell local blog that got picked up by some London co. that put you on the map. Please keep up our little local deals. There are too many sites with the other major stores. Nice to see those other chains now listed, but want my Idaho deals here too. Thank you for all your hard work.

  11. Another blogger checked with the albertson at eagle/mcmillian. They too are not taking the walgreens rr’s. It is all albertsons.

    Such a bummer, hoping walgreens has some great deals. I only have one that i need to use, thankfully.

  12. I was told by a cashier at my Albertson’s that they would no longer be taking Internet printable coupons either. Has anyone else heard/confirmed that?

  13. Well one of our local stores said that too. come find out it was a made up by the book keeper in back, and not even the store manager knew she had made a new rule. Once the manager, and store director for our area found out, things changed pretty quick. A nice thing about Albertsons is that store policy is company policy. So if the cashier said that, or even an assistant manager says that, call and talk to the actual store manager. sometimes people get these ideas in their head and it becomes a “store policy”
    But yes Albertsons as a company is very up on wanting people to use coupons, and realize the increase in online blogs and that online coupons are increasing in use. some stores are just more coupon friendly, but company policy directs them to allow internet coupons. we encourage people to make sure when they do print to use color or if asked their local store if black and white is ok. Its important to make sure your coupons is unaltered . Please NEVER photo copy either. that is fraud.

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