My Thrifty Kmart deals

My Kmart doubles 
would have been $52 I paid $11

I am sure you have all heard by now that Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2 ( which would double to $4)  If you can find the items in stock, you are in for some great deals.  I have not had the best of luck. Every time I have gone the store is busy with coupon hunters and the deals are very picked over.  That being said I did find a few deals, before coupons these rang up to $52, (I forgot my $5 off coupon) I ended up paying just over $11.  In the rush home, after a long trip I misplaced my receipt and the list of coupon matches I used.  I am sorry I don’t have all the details like normal.
I had much better luck with my Albertsons doubles, they seem stock the shelves better for sales like this.  I guess I am just an Albertsons girl at heart.
How did you do at Kmart?

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  1. I bought 70.00$ worth of items that ranged from cleaning supplies to bath products. Yes the Boise store too was very picked over. After all coupons I paid 40.00, but got a lot of stuff that we needed. Not all on sale but with some of my 2.00 coupons i paid only 50 cents to 1.00 on some items.

  2. I did awesome! got a few good deals on sunday and today! i think my favorite was i got neutra air(normally $12.99) on sale for $5.99 plus there was a $4.00 off coupon on it..which made it $1.99!! pretty good deal! and today i went and found some centrum performance vitamins on clearance for $4.99 had $3 off coupoon! not to bad! im getting better at this everyday!! Thank you for all the great ideas!


  3. My Kmart does not double. Man, I was excited to go and get some good deals! You did great!!

  4. when did you shop and where did you get your gillette’s? Fairview has been out for a couple of days.

  5. I went on Tuesday, Nampa store I found the Gillette out of place over by the party supplys. I think someone must have set it there, and did not put it back in the right place. Either way i was pretty excited to find it!

  6. K-mart in Boise was LOW on most everything. It’s always been a hard store for me to shop in. Even without the double couponing they are always out of whatever is on sale. Not good marketing. I did manage to get a couple of packages of dog treats for 50 cents. I laughed while going down the aisles however. This coupon thing has taken off! Everyone had coupons in their hands. Good. Maybe the co’s will issue more.

  7. My first shopping trip I got $88 worth of stuff for $18. The second I got $109 worth of stuff for $20.95. And my last trip today I got $17 worth of stuff for.85 cents. For my first BIG double deal I think I did preety good! Im so happy!!

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