My Thrifty Friends Deals

I just wanted to pass this deal on to all of you!  Thanks Jeanette for the Thrifty tip!
My friend  pointed something out to me in the Walgreens ad this week. I tried it last night and it kinda worked.
There are Breeze or Contour glucose meters for sale for $14.99. It says there is a rebate in the box which would then make it free. There was also a coupon (up to $30) in this last week’s Smart Source coupon insert . We  thought it might be a money maker.
Well, turns out, that you can get them for FREE with the MFR  ( manufacturer) coupon, but the rebate has expired and it requires the registration card be sent it.
My sis-in-law went with me last night. We bought 3. She works in the ER and is going to donate them, so we figured even if we could have sent in a rebate, it is a little pointless since we would be registering the meter to us and not the person who gets it.
 Just thought you should know about it. I think it’s still a good deal … get something for free and donate it … makes you feel good. 🙂
Also, so you know, the store did not have a sign that marked it as on sale. One was about $70 and the other was about $50, but when we asked about it (& no one seemed to know anything), they finally just scanned it and sure enough … it rang up as $14.99!


6 Responses

  1. I called Bayer this morning the rebate has been extended just go ahead and send it in!

  2. That’s an awesome deal…Can I tweet it?

  3. Tweet away!!!

  4. I bought one of these for my Aunt from CVS. I went to Walgreen’s first, and they were out of stock. The pharmacy people said I would be able to do a rain check on the item. The store mgr. however said he would not do rainchecks on items that are free after rebate. (He also told me the rebate was from Walgreen’s EasySaver, and not a MF Rebate). He said the only way to do a rain check would be to forfeit the rebate. So I then asked him if he would reduce the amount of the coupon from last Sunday’s paper, and he refused stating that it was against company policy. And since the coupon was for 1 item, I was unable to purchase two and use the $30.00 MF Coupon. So I left, irritated, because he was not nice at all! ( I even went in later in the evening to avoid big crowds, so as not to hold up the line with my questions!) I found the Contour at CVS, was able to purchase it for $14.99 as they’re having the same sale, and YES lo and behold the rebate has expired. However there’s a phone number to call and extend the rebate, and the bottom of the rebate card! Just a little FYI on issues some people may run into at Walgreen’s. CVS seemed to be a lot more helpful and kindly regarding this sale item!

  5. I did nearly this exact same deal at CVS (on sale $14.99, ECBs $14.99, used $30.00 coupon, sent in for rebate), but Bayer will send it back to you with no refund, since they see the $30.00 coupon applied at the bottom (even though it doesn’t specify Bayer…guess there’s not too many $30.00 coupons floating about!). So if you do use the coupon, don’t expect a rebate. I did however, get $15.00 of overage applied towards my total, which made for a great CVS night!

  6. I am surprised to hear people are getting $30 off of their product. The coupon says ‘up to $30’ … it is one of the those write-in type. My Walgreen’s just deducted 14.99 … exactly what I paid for it, which is what made it free.

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