My Weekly Budget Review March 15-21

I was able to buy $299.82 worth of items
I paid $20.46
Plus I still have $8.00 in catalinas to use

Albertsons $4.79 click here for details

Albertsons .78 click here for details

Albertsons .48 cents click here for details

Walgreens $2.37 click here for details

Albertsons .24 cents click here for details

Walgreens .98 cents click here for details

Walgreens $3.20 click here for details

Albertsons $1.87 click here for details

Winco $5.75 click here for details

12 Responses

  1. thanks for the hint on the season-all-my jewel had it on clearance for 1.39, and I had 5 $1 off q’s…

  2. What are Albertsons Doubles? You mentioned it came in Sunday’s insert? I had three different papers on Sunday and I have no idea what you’re talking about. Can you explain it to me? I am still fairly new to all of this (but quick study!) I am in So. Cal. so perhaps that’s why I have no idea what Doubles are?

  3. Rachael,
    they are an extra ad that came on some papers for Albertsons. On them are 4 coupons that when you use them with any MFR ( manufacturer) coupon the store will double the coupon. They don’t do it all the time……but when they do I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What? you didn’t go to kmart?

  5. Thanks for this site-I just started using coupons and trying to stretch my diminishing dollars. As a work at home mom who’s business has been twindling I am thankful to get to borrow your knowledge on getting more for less. I look at your photos of how much you buy and want that too!!

    JUST ONE QUESTION: How do you buy your weekly grocery list? I make out a grocery list every week that goes with my dinner menus and have a list of food to get. WHat I’m noticing is lots of those things aren’t on sale, so do you just have so much food storage you can just buy what is on sale and use what you have on hand?? What about fresh items-I try and feed my family pretty healthy and always need veggies, fruit, cheese, eggs, stuff like that.

    I did save $18.36 at Walgreens yesterday and that was awesome!!

    BTW: Paul’s has amazing veggie and fruit sales (celery, lettuce, fuji apples, carrots).

    Thanks so much!

  6. Kristi,
    most weeks I buy just what is on sale….I have a good 6 month supply of most needs. SO I am able to stock up on just what is on sale. Last week I bought fresh bananas, kiwi, lettuce, grapes, I just buy what is on sale for the week. Hope that helps

  7. Sarah,
    Thanks, I thought that was the case, any tips on building up food storage..and do you freeze a lot of items you buy?? Cheese, lunchmeat, cream cheese?

  8. I know I am asking so many questions and you are kind to reply:
    can you use 1 coupon for multiple items-for example if 5 lbs. sugar is on sale for $2.50 and i have a coupon for a $1 off, and I get three sugars, I can use one coupon of $1 for each sugar (providing it doesn’t say any limits on the computer)?

  9. kristi,
    I Do freeze most my meat, grated cheese never done cream cheese it has a long shelf life and I use alot of it. As for the coupon question it is 1 coupon per item. Unless it says use on 2 or more. That is why you should never photo copy a coupon or the store will not get paid for it. Each coupon needs to be turned in for a refund for the store. Hope that helps

  10. Great job!

  11. i was wondering what ur budget is for food? or do u just buy what u need or if its a great deal. what is ur advice for me and my bf. i ask u cause i read ur post and u always have the best ideas. thank u and god bless u and ur family.
    hearts kayla

  12. Kayla,
    I try to stay within $50 a week…..Some weeks I am under some weeks I am over. As long as I am under $300 a month I am happy Hope this helps

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