My Albertsons Doubles deals

Before sale, double, or coupon these would have cost $26.23
I paid $2.00

With the Albertsons double you can only use 4 per transaction so the photo above it 2 transactions.
Scotts Bath Tissue $2.15
-used $1 off coupon ( expired yesterday sorry should have got this post up sooner)
-used albertsons double
Final price .15 cents each +tax
Pert Plus FREE
Huggies gentle care baby wipes $6.99
-used $5 off coupon from ( they have now reached the print limit and are gone)
-used $2 catalina from last weeks Crystal light promo
Final price FREE, all I had to pay was Tax
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6 Responses

  1. Sarah – I’m confused! In the paper there was a sheet of four “doubler” coupons on them. I was under the impression that with each of those doubler coupons, you could double up to FOUR MC’s. So with four different shopping trips, you would get 16 coupons doubled over all. When I went to do this today, my cashier was only doing one per doubler coupon, so there was no point in me splitting my transactions she said. Does this make sense? I had 16 coupons to double (4 seperate trans), but was only able to double 4 of them. 😦 Is this really how it works? There were 3 cashiers in all coming up and looking at what I was trying to do – all saying I couldn’t do that. One lady said they tracked it on my preferred card, only four doubles per household. Although I see you have done this multiple times. What are you thoughts? If I was right, is there really anything I can do since I’ve redeemed all my coupons?

  2. Cathy,
    It sound like you got a grumpy cashier. I asked my manager yesterday and He was more than happy to let me double. Some times I walk out to my car, put my food away and then walk back in….it is then a new shopping trip. But all the cashiers know they know what I am doing it is not like I am “fooling” anyone. Yesterday they let me split them up and do 3 transactions all in one shopping trip. I would suggest you call the store manager and see what they say. That is why I shop at albertsons the Mangers know me and ARE ALWAYS happy to help!

  3. Sarah, will the store let you use the huggies diaper coupons on wipes? It says on the coupons I printed online diaper products. Does that include baby wipes?

  4. Valerie,
    yes wipes are “diaper products so it works just fine. I even called huggies customer service to make sure

  5. I got a “grumpy” cashier, too! He was actually quite rude about it. I went to a manager about it, just to clear things up for myself in the future and was told that Albertsons’ policy in the future would be “4 double coupons per household per day”. hey, that’s fine, as long as I know. . . but then I went to a different store and they were absolutely sweet as pie about letting me just split into transactions. So, I guess it just depends on the store you go to and the cashier you get. I say, find a nice one and stick with it.

  6. If I understand what you are saying, you only had 4 double coupons, right? Each “doubler” only works with 1 MC. The doublers are numbered 1-4 for this reason. You would need to have 16 doublers to use 16 MC’s. Hope that helps.

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