Milk tip

One of my readers emailed me this tip:

” I have a tip on halving a families milk bill and since your the thrifty momma I thought you could pass it on. Take a gallon of whole milk (cost the same as the  rest) and split it evenly into another milk jug,add 1 tsp of sugar to each container and 1/2 tsp of salt as well, fill them up with water and now you have 2 gallons of 1% at the cost of 1 gallon,it taste the same.let me know what you think.”

I know another family that does this, but they add half powdered milk/ half fresh milk.  Growing up on a dairy farm I am kind of picky when it comes to milk, so I have never done this.  What tips do you have to save on the cost of milk?

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  1. oooh I love this! My mom has been saying for years that we should be buying the whole milk because they take all the good stuff out of the 2% etc. The whole milk isn’t much more expensive then the 2% either and doing it this way would make it cheaper! I’m so excited I have to go share this with my readers! Thanks

  2. I use powdered milk in all my cooking. it cuts down on all the milk we use.

  3. Wow what a though.. I do however get my milk at Costco.. 2/ 1 gallons is 2.99.. Its the cheapest I have found in my area.

  4. We use milk only for cooking (pancakes etc) or as a condiment (in tea). Rarely drink it. So our milk bill is miniscule.

    That’s a good idea though for people who drink it. At my grocery, whole milk is the same price or cheaper than non-fat or 1%.

  5. I don’t like milk, but I drink it anyway since it’s about the best way to get my calcium (and vitamins A and D).

    So my only concern with this method is that, while you may get the fat content and taste of 1% milk, you DO NOT get the vitamins and minerals. For each glass consumed, you’re only getting half the nutrition.

    In a world where almost no women get enough calcium, I worry about what this could do to our bones in 40 years! I’d much rather “splurge” on the real deal, (or even use powdered) and find other areas to save money.

  6. I have to agree with you, cutting the milk in half with water stretches your budget but it also cuts the nutrients in half.

  7. I have to agree with you, when you cut the milk in half with water you cut the nutrients in half as well.

  8. To help my family save on milk I buy big 50 pounds bags of powdered milk (I buy the Morning Moo brand, 3/4 cup of powder makes 3/4 gallon of milk) then I mix 1/2 gallon Morning Moo and 1/2 gallon skim (what we drink) milk. Not only does this help stretch our milk use, but it makes it so I only have to go grocery shopping twice a month (we drink almost a gallon a day) and my kids have no idea I do it!

  9. You may be getting the same amount of fat, but what about the calcium and other nutrients? This is a no-go for me. I do, however, use powdered milk in all my cooking and baking.

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