Build-A-Bear coupon

I had a reader email me this coupon.  Being that I did not get it from the store I called the customer service line to make sure the coupon is “real”  They said it is valid and they are happy to let us use it.  SO that being said, If you want a $5 off at build a bear click here.  To see the 8 items they have under $12 click here.  Using the coupon would make these little guys half price.  Thanks Sally for the Thrifty tip!
Update***  wow those went quick!  It appers these are now gone!  Those good coupons do go quick!

3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    When I clicked on this to print it – it stated that the maximum amount had already been printed. Do you know where the original printable coupon came from? Thanks!

  2. I have a question that is unrelated to this post.

    In this week’s Statesman, there was a great Toys R Us Huggies coupon. Is this something I can use at Albertsons…before they stop taking competitor coupons? I wasn’t sure if you’ve ever tried using a Toys R Us coupon.

    I also tagged a few Rite Aid MF coupons to possibly use at Albertsons. Is this something I can do?

    I would appreciate any of your thoughts on this.



  3. Amy my store has stopped taking ALL other stores coupons, the official date is the 3rd of april but many stores started it on the 18th. If they still take them, yes it should work fine but I have a feeling that most stores have already stopped.

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