Free Excedrin Menstrual

One of my readers just sent me an email about her great deal on Excedrin Menstrual at Walgreens.  Excedrin is $5.99, use the $4.00 coupon from the Walgreens easy saver coupon book ( next to the ads in the store)  Also use  the $2 off any Excedrin express gel coupon printalbe here

 Making them FREE.
Thanks for the Thrifty tip Jessica

9 Responses

  1. At my Walgreens, there are piles of these at the register with a sign that says, “FREE” – they ring up as $4, the cashier takes off the coupon, and all you have to pay is tax.

    She also said there was no limit – she offered me 5, I was happy to take home 2.

  2. The $2 coupon will not print for me. Is there a trick to it?

  3. I did it still isn’t working. I tried the Mac ones and it didn’t work I must be doing something wrong. Thanks for trying to help me.

  4. I don’t know if i did something wrong or my Walgreens didn’t know what they were doing. I went to a Meridian store and had both coupons for the Excedrin. I used the W/G $4/1 coupon but they wouldn’t let me use the $2/1 Manufacturer’s coupon because it would cut in to the tax. I still ended up getting an okay deal cause I had a RR for $1, making it only $1.99 total, but I hate that I couldn’t get it for closer to free. Did I do something wrong? You need to do that Walgreen’s class you were talking about. Thanks for all your help!

  5. Anne, here is a post to answer your question…

    You should always hand the MFR coupon first then the walgreens coupon and you will need to buy something else incase there is an overage. If they will not allow an overage then they need to adjsut the coupon.

  6. I am sorry I must be dumb…I can’t get to the link that you posted. When I put the address in my tool bar it says the page can’t be found. Help. Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize that giving them the MFR coupon first would make it work. Wow! Can I take you along on my next shopping trip….I don’t think I can do this on my own!!! 🙂

  7. Anne,
    I will do a repost on it tomorrow….so keep your eyes open for it. It will be called adjusting a coupon price
    Hope it helps

  8. My Walgreen’s tonight told me they wouldn’t do it because there would be a 1 cent credit so I asked them to adjust the coupon to $1.99 and the lady checking me out and manager laughed and told me “that’s illegal” (???) Crazy!! So I will just go back tomorrow.

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