6 Bars of OLAY soap for $1.15

Normal price for these are $8.59 for a 6 pack
But I found them on clearance for $2.15
Plus I used a $1 off  soap pack coupon from the 3/1 P&G coupon insert
Final price for a 6 pack was $1.15

I found these at my local Caldwell store, in the back next to the stock door.  They have clearance racks with random items on them.  They also had 6 packs of zest on clearance for $1.35.  They had a lot of soap left! Thanks Albertsons for this THRIFTY price on soap!

Update  my friend just called me to let me know all the Olay is gone, and there are only a few zest left.  This was at the Caldwell store…..Make sure you check your store local store.

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  1. You are Amazing! I love checking your site reguarly for great deals, but I tend to miss most of them. You are very fortunate to be a SAHM with your children but how do you run to Walgreens several times a week on top of the other stores while spending quality time with your children? I struggle with my everyday chores of cooking, cleaning, and being a mom that I’m not able to run from store to store all day finding great deals and then Blog about them. Please share your time management secrets with all of us. Are you saving so much with your great deals that you are able to hire a Housekeeper,Chef and Nanny?

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