Victory Gardens…?

Back during WWI and WWII the U.S. Government created a campaign to promote personal preparedness and thriftiness. Well for the first time since then the First Lady, Michelle Obama started a presidential garden at the White House. This should say something about our economy, and what the government is suggesting for its citizens.
We need to be THRIFTY. Well welcome to our site 😉
The AP wrote:

“Crops to be planted in the coming weeks on the 1,100-square-foot, L-shaped patch near the fountain on the South Lawn include spinach, broccoli, various lettuces, kale and collard greens, assorted herbs and blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. There will also be a beehive. “We’re going to try to make our own honey here as well”, Michelle Obama stated”.

Plant a garden, please! Something as simple as one pot and a tomato plant. The Free way to get food. In Idaho we have a short growing season, but here in a week or two I will be posting photos and helpful tips on gardening.


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  1. Do you really think she is planting the garden in her dress clothes! Oh this is funny! I am also planting a huge garden. I only wish I had all her help!

  2. even when she digging a garden she looks great. i live in an apartment do u have any tips on what would grow best and anything else that would help.
    ps. thanks for all the tips i have saved so much money and thanks to ur site my boyfriend is interested in couponing. and we enjoy seeing how much money we can save it has brought us closer. thank u.

    kayla from fresno,ca.

  3. Sure a 5 gal bucket or plastic pot from a dollar store. 1 -2 bags of $1 potting soil from Walmart or home garden center. Some rocks from out back (for weight at the bottom of the bucket, and drainage)
    Tomato plant will grow up a small lattice work. cucumbers and snap peas will also grow up lattice work planted on the outer edge of a bucket with the tomato in the middle, herbs along the bottom under he tomato
    more to come.

  4. I planted most of my seeds last night in a Jiffy greenhouse. I bought a 6′ x 6′ portable greenhouse that I am going to put in the yard. I’m going to attempt to grow strawberries (via plastic hanging bags/planters), grape tomatoes, plum tomatoes, regular tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, eggplant, banana peppers, basil, marigolds, dwarf sunflowers, pumpkins and I think that might be it. 🙂 I’m hoping to have a nice crop this year so I can try my hand at canning.

  5. I will be anxious to see your post about gardens. We are plating our first one this year and am very excited about it. I have 4 kids so hopefully everyone can get involved. Thnks for the great site!!!

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