My Thrifty Walgreens deals

$29.33 worth of items 
I paid $2.37
Plus I got back$7 in Register Rewards

I bought these items on Monday but I was so excited about my Albertsons double deals I totally forgot to post about them.  SO here are the details

Reach toothbrush and Listerine
– buy 3  for $9
– used $1 off coupons from 2/8 Red Plum on toothbrush
-used 2/ $2 off coupons on Listerine these were from a promo a while back
Pay $4, but then get a $6 register reward, Final cost FREE plus $2 overage

Lady Speed Stick $1.99
-pay $1.99 and get back a $1 register reward after you pay
Final price .99 cents

Palmolive Dish soap liquid .99 cents
– make sure you use the .99cents in ad walgreens coupon
– also use the Manufacturer coupon from this weeks Albertsons ad for $1 off 2 expires 3/17/09 ( now expired)
Final price .49 cents each when you buy 2

Royal Gelatin
-use in store coupon from ad for 5 for $1
Final price .20 cents each
Spring water 24 pack
-used in-store coupon for $2.99

Clearance candy life savers for .55 cents

I used a $10 Register Reward from last weeks diaper sale, My total due was $2.37, plus I got back $7 in RR.  Now that is a Thrifty deal!


4 Responses

  1. For the Listerine combo (because I didn't have the older coupons) this is what I did:

    1. Buy one of each – 1 mouth rinse, 1 toothbrush, & 1 floss @3/$9.
    2. Then use the Listerine "buy one of each get $3 off" coupon from the ads in last Sunday's paper (Red Plum, P&G, or Smart Source…sorry I can't remember which one it was in now that they are cut out)
    3. Pay $6 but Get $6 in Register Rewards back.

    …so its essentially Free!

    One thing to note…I tried to buy another combo using the previous $6 register reward and it wouldn't give me my new $6 register reward. The cashier said it was because i used the register reward to buy it. He thought that it was because I was using a Listerine reward to buy a Listerine product. So, maybe it will work if you use a different reward from another product??? I dunno… 🙂

    I sure wish I had found this site and signed up for the paper sooner. It sounds like there were so many great coupons sent out in the last couple of months that I missed out on! I haven't been quite as thrifty as you Thrifty Mom but I am getting there. Thank you soooo much for all the time you are taking to do this. My family sure does appreciate you right now. 😀

  2. Carrie, yes if you use a RR on the same products another one WILL NOT print. But you could use a diaper RR on toothpaste and another will print, it is a little confusing at first but once you get the basics down it gets easier.

  3. Honestly I was just wondering how you make it to the stores that many times a week? or day even it sounds like you are sometimes to the stores multiple times a day how do you do it with three little ones?

  4. I don’t shop with my little ones I go when they are in bed. Or I go on the days my husband is home, he is a nurse so his work days are both weekend and week days. SOme weeks I only go one day and on really good sales I will go up to 3 days a week. Plus I live within minutes of the store which makes it nice.

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