Free McCormick again…

These little jars of McCormick Season All were on clearance for .99 cents at my local Albertsons. I used the $1 off coupon from Sundays Red Plum. The coupon is for $1 off but the item is only .99 cents so the register will beep ( because you have a 1 cent overage) it will not allow the coupon, all you have to do is have the cashier adjust the price off the season all up to $1 and then scan the coupon for $1 and it works just fine. Making this FREE! My cashiers are always happy to do this more me. If for some reason you have a cashier that is not familiar with how to do it make sure you ask for a Manager. But like I said I have always had great luck with my local Albertsons Cashiers they are SUPER coupon friendly.


2 Responses

  1. Your link for the coupon isn’t working – at all.

    The steak fries look great. I will have to make me some now.

  2. I removed it. Thanks for the heads up.
    online printable coupons are preset by the manufacture as to how many they allow to be printed. Once the preset allotment has been used they turn off the coupon links. This was an example.


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