Cheetos Coupon at Target

I just got an email from a reader who let me know about her Thrifty Cheetos deal she got at Target.  She bought the snack sized bag of Cheetos for $1.25, she then used the $1.00 off in-store coupon from here.  It does not exclude snack size so it should work just fine!  If you don’t want to waste ink printing it at home, print it right at the store.
So she was able to get a bag of Cheetos for .25 cents
Thanks for the Thrifty tip Shelly!

3 Responses

  1. I tried this at two different Targets, and it would not work on the snack size. The coupon wouldn’t scan. And since the picture of the Cheetos bag says “Super” on it, the cashier said that is why. Bummer.

  2. You can print the Target coupons at the store? That’s so good to know!

  3. I, too, tried using this Cheetos coupon at our Target (it is not a SuperTarget). The register initially denied it, but b/c the manager became involved and said that if the coupon was for Target or SuperTarget, then the coupon would apply. (The cashier had to manually enter the amount)

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