A Thrifty Birthday Cake

Last week I was in line behind a mom buying birthday supplies for her 5 year olds birthday party. She bought an adorable bright frosted Dora birthday cake, Dora plates, napkins,and Dora candles. They were all so cute, till I saw the price…….It came to over $40. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying there is something wrong with buying your kids fun birthday cakes. But I can’t afford that, so I started to feel guilty, like my kids might be missing out.

Yesterday was my Daughters 4th birthday. We made a point to make her day extra special. I asked her if she wanted to help me make her cake, she squealed with delight. She had fun looking at the box telling me how many eggs we needed, pouring in the water and mixing with the big girl mixer. After they cooked I let her frost them with pink frosting all by herself, she thought that was a blast! They might not of been as pretty as the ones at the store, but she was so proud of her work.

The cake mix I bought a few weeks ago at an Albertsons sale for .25 cents, the frosting was .30 cents after my coupon. So the whole cake cost less $1, my daughter had some great 1 on 1 time with me. She kept saying mom this is so fun, can we make another cake. I realized I didn’t need to feel bad about not buying her the expensive Dora cake. Our home made cake brought just as much joy to her! SO no matter what your budget may be, you can always make your kids birthday special.

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  1. …and just think about what you are teaching her in the meantime! Way to go! I love your blog too!!

  2. My son, who just turned 5, loves to help me bake as well! We have so much fun together! When I don’t want to make a big production and he wants to bake I let him use the Betty Crocker Warm Delights mini cakes that are microwavable and you only add water. He loves that he can do it all by himself! Plus you can find coupons for them on coupons.com. :o) We’ve had a lot of parties for his stuffed “friends” with these!

  3. We have so many food allergies at our house…that we just can’t do store bought baked goods. My oldest who is turning 7 on Saturday, used to struggle that we couldn’t have the “fun” cakes from the store. BUT we have found ways to make the production (the baking) the fun part…he also likes it when once a year EVERYONE has to eat like him!

  4. I agree! I hate the expectations set by people for kids birthdays (big themes, party favors ect.) We like to keep it simple. 2 years ago for my daughters b-day we had 5 girls over, got a $5 pizza from ceasars & put a candle in it. After dinner they played the candy bar game then watched High School Musical and had popcorn witht the candybar they won…They loved it so much we did it again this year!

  5. Love it! As an older mom who has just gotten back into the thrifty mode of life, I applaud your resourcefuleness. I too felt guilty at times when our children were young and worried that the things they didn’t have might harm them somehow. Posh. They are wonderful young adults now and their favorite memories are from things done together. They were mostly things done at home, on the cheap. So keep it up mom! And thank you for your daily tips. They are quite helpful.

  6. Some of my friends buy the kits for the theme cakes (Dora, Sponge Bob etc.) at Walmart through the bakery. You just have to ask. I believe they run around $5.00 and then you can put together your own fancy cake with your kids help in baking and decorating. It still is a bit more, but not nearly as much as a bakery cake.

  7. This is sooo true! Children care so much more about the time you spent interacting with them, than they do about the actual product. Sometimes, when I’m making dinner, I set out a bunch of different ingredients for my 3 1/2 yr. old to “cook dinner” with. He LOVES this, it’s simple things like sugar, flour, cinnamon, and of course he loves to use the peppermill. It makes a disgusting paste-like substance, but he has a great time which means I can get dinner ready! I love you blog, keep up the great work!

  8. your girls are precious

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