Albertsons Ad Match ups for 3/18-3/24

Albertsons match ups 
Please note that I just list the deals that I think are the most “THRIFTY” So be sure a to check your ad and look for any deals I may have missed. 

Heinz sale BUY $10 in participating products and get $3 off instantly

 5 for $10 items ( will be 1.40 each after $3 discount)

-Heinz Ketchup  select Varieties 32-36 oz. $2.00
Final Price= $1.40 ( no coupon but still worth listing)

-Ore-Ida Bagel Bites 7 oz. $2.00
Use $1 off 2 coupon from here 
Final Price= $.90

4 for $10 items ( will be $1.75  each after $3 discount)

-Boston market Dinners $1.75
use $1 off 3  Coupon from here
Final Price= $1.42
-Classico pasta sauce 15-24 oz.  $1.75
use $1 off 2 coupon from here
Final Price = $1.25

Kelloggs Promo buy 10 get them for $1.50 each

-Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes  , use the $1 off 2 coupon from here, Final price $1.oo
-Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, use .55 cents off 1 coupon from here, Final price .95 cents
Other Thrifty deals
– Pert Plus 2 in 1 12-16.9 oz.
 On sale for $1.99 , 
Use the $1 off coupon from here
Final price = .99 cents
-Totino’s pizza rolls 7.5 oz. 
On sale for $1.00
Use the .35 cent off coupon from 1/11 smart source coupon insert
Final Price = .65 cents

-Coke 12 Packs  and coke products 
On sale for  $3.25
Save $2 when you buy four
Final Price= $2.75

Pepsi and Mountain Dew 12 packs
On sale for $2.99 each
Buy 3 and get 1 12 pack diet pepsi Free
Final price= 4 for $8.97
-Albertsons cheese 2 lb. 
Final Price: $3.99

I have heard rumor that there will be more doubles in this weekends ad, SO I will let you know as soon as I find out for sure.
Thanks PYP for help with these match ups


15 Responses

  1. Sarah, I just checked my paper and there are NO doubles in The Press Tribune, Albertsons ad. Maybe they are going to put them in the Sunday paper, like they did last week…?

  2. Sarah,

    Do you know if they will take off $3 for each $10 combo in one transaction? Or is it only $3 for $10 or more in one transaction? Just thought you might know from experience. Otherwise I will ask when I go. Thanks! 🙂

  3. I got my Albertson’s ad yesterday … it has 4 doublers on it (good 3 days only … 3/22-3/24)!

    Funny thing … when I went to use my doublers from this last weekend, I got hassle for using four doublers when the paper only had three. After showing the fine print, they ‘pushed it through’. They explained the problem was they were numbered (1-3) and using four meant one was being used ‘twice’. (This is supposed to prevent people from photocopying … something the guy had had someone do!)

    Anyway, this week’s ad, the doublers are numbered 5-8 so “4” must be missing or hiding somewhere. 🙂

  4. Carrie,
    It should take off $3 for each $10 you spend. So if you buy $30 it should take off $9 but keep an eye on the register, sometimes it does not always take it off like it should. But they are always happy to fix it for you.

  5. I was hassled for my doublers too! The manager had to override anytime I used more than two or three. I went back for a couple of trips and the manager told me not to use any more, it needs to be fair to everyone. I felt like a criminal or something! I will definitely be going to a different store this time around! –Tricia

  6. my Albertson’s ad doesn’t have any doublers today. But it says in the bottom corner “Look for our ad in this weekend’s newspaper and save big with coupons.
    I also checked through my Idaho Statesman paper today to make sure there weren’t any double coupons hidden somewhere.

  7. Michelle,
    Yes I am hopping that we will get another set of doubles in sundays paper. I think I will wait to go shopping till I know for sure.

  8. Can someone explain somthing to me, pretty please :o) I’m new to couponing and having a blond moment!
    Bagel bites 7 oz $2 are on the 5 for $10. Use a $1 off 2 coupon and the final price is .90?? How does that work? Do you get $1 off each box or $1 off every 2 boxes?? Help me please!!!

  9. jennifer, when you buy $10 of them or other Heinz items them it takes $3 off….Hope that helps

  10. they have beech nut 2nd stage 12 for $5
    is their any coupons to make this even cheaper?

  11. Jackie not that I know of but I will keep my eyes open for one

  12. Do you know when the double coupons from Sund 3/15 paper expire? I keep forgetting to clip mine and put in my purse…. I don’t want to miss out on using them! Also I have a bagel bites coupon already, will they let you double this in addition to the $3 instant savings? Thanks.


  13. Aimee, the doubles from sunday were only good till tuesday night. SOme areas had new doubles come out on Wednesday, ( mine did not) So I am hoping we will get more doubles on sunday again.

  14. Aimee, the doubles from sunday were only good till tuesday night. SOme areas had new doubles come out on Wednesday, ( mine did not) So I am hoping we will get more doubles on sunday again.

  15. The Albertsons ad for the Pepsi is a little misleading. The $2.99 is the final price you pay AFTER you buy the 4. There are signs posted in Albertons apologizing for the misunderstanding. Also, I used my Walgreens Catalina at Albertsons and I was told that April 2 is the last day they will be accepting competitors coupons.

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