FREE Pringles at Albertsons

In case you did not know Albertsons ran an ad in most Sunday Papers.  My local papers it was in the life section, and on the back back of main home page.  SO flip through your paper and look for the ad .  They had coupon matches, or doubles.  You can use 4  doubles on each shopping trip.  They will double up to a $1 coupon, making that coupon $2 off. They are only good till Tuseday.

Albertsons has Pringles on sale for 10 for $10, or $1 each.  In yesterdays P&G coupon insert they had coupons for $1 off 2.  I used the double and this made them FREE.  All I had to pay was tax, so I got 
8 cans of Pringles for .24 cents.
For other double ideas click here
What double deals have you found? 
 Please leave a comment and share your great double deals.

9 Responses

  1. Out of curiosity … do you do multiple transactions (multiple trips into the store) so you can use your 4 doublers over & over (limiting yourself to 4 coupons per trip)?

  2. Jeanette,
    The coupon says only 4 coupons per family per shopping trip. SO the store could tell you can only do use 4 and limit you to that. I ONLY USE 4 at a time, I buy my items, check out, put them in my car and come back in. My cashiers all know me….it is not like I am tricking anyone. They smile and wave as I come back in. They are happy to let me do it this way. Each store may be different.

  3. Okay. So (possibly silly question), the best deal is to only buy things that use 4 coupons (to be doubled) each trip to maximize your savings?

    I hope my question makes sense. I am going up tonight instead of tomorrow night so I want to be prepared to get the most ‘bang for my buck’. 🙂

  4. I tried to match the doubles with the $25 kraft sale too…..but choose the 4 highest value coupons to double.

    And on other trip yes i just bought the items that had 4 coupons.

  5. At my Albertsons, they had stickers on the Orowheat bread for $1.00 off one Orowheat item. Doubled this make the bread pretty cheap especially when combined with the Kraft deal.

    Also, (and maybe this was just my cashier) but she told me that you could only use three double coupons. I told her that the fine print says, “four double coupons per family per shopping trip,” and she told me that there were only three in the newspaper and they were all numbered (1, 2, and 3) and that you could only use one number 1, one #2, and one #3 per trip. I am sure that this is wrong, but I am curious to hear other people’s experiences. I was not in the mood to argue with her and there was a line at customer service, so I just left.

  6. Yes every time my 4th beeped, The cashier had to over ride it. We went to 4 different cashiers and they all did the same thing. There might of been only 3 coupons, but the coupon it self said “4”… Our cashier stated that if the ad said one thing but the coupon said another, just ask for a manager to come over and “politely” explain it to them.

  7. It was fun to meet you in Albertsons today! I wish I would have known about your blog before I went shopping… you had some better deals posted here than I was able to find. But better late than never huh? Thanks again for being so kind to answer my questions in the isles… I felt a little stalkish at the time, but after finding your blog… I only felt really good that I was brave enough to ask you. I hope I can look and feel as calm cool and collected as you do shopping with coupons one day.

  8. Beth,
    I am so glad I was able to help! It is always fun to see another coupon shopper! Take care

  9. I’m with Sarah. I had the same experience being limited to 3 coupons, even though it SAYS 4! If it wasn’t for the doubles, I would be through shopping at Albertsons. Sometimes it’s not worth the trouble.

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