Albertsons double ideas

All I want for Christmas is…….
Albertsons double coupons every week! Haa haa haa

Here are a few more ideas to use your coupon doubles on:

  • Johnson baby soap on sale for 2 for $6.00, use the $1 coupon from here  after coupon double they will be $1 a bottle
  • Huggies Bath soaps and Shampoo on sale for $2.33, use the $1 coupon from 1/11 smart source, after double they will be .33 cents a bottle
  • Sure Deoderant 2.6 oz On sale $2.24, use the .75 cent coupon from 3/1 smart source, after double they will be .74 cents
  • Garnier Fructis on sale $2.99, use $1.00 coupon from 2/8 Red Plum, after double they will be .99 cents
  • Lysol all purpose cleaner $3.59, use $1.00 coupon from 1/25 smart source, after double they will be $1.59
  • Band Aid products on sale for $2.89, use $1 coupon from the 2/8 smart source or the one from this Sundays paper, after double they will be .89 cents

Here are a few other ideas:


18 Responses

  1. I am still really new to this whole process but the coupon for the johnson buddies says limit one per purchase, so won’t that come out to only 2 dollars off with the doubles or were you able to use 2 of the coupons and 2 doubles to make the total $1 each? Thanks so much!

  2. Amanda, it means you only can use one coupon per item… 5 coupons means you need to buy 5 products. If it says one per transaction or shopping trip THen you would only be able to use one. Hope that helps, good luck

  3. Is Albertson’s doing double coupons again this week or is it a special ad they put out. I haven’t seen any double coupons in the ads I’ve seen for the week of 3/11 throug 3/17.
    And do you only shop at Albertsons? I live in an area that only has Albertsons and a local mom and pop grocery store.
    Please continue to work on the Idaho Statesman to get a good deal on the Sunday paper, it’s the only one I have found that has the most coupons.

  4. They were not in the “normal ad” in the statesman they were in the life section of the Sunday paper, and The press tribune they were on the last page on the main paper. Yes I do A LOT of my shopping at Albertsons, they have great sales and the Cashiers and managers at my store ate SUPER coupon friendly and always treat me with a smile and respect! Something that is hard to find these days!

  5. well, the pringles worked out pretty darn good for me. They were basically free! One bad thing, i went to purchase the cereal they had on sale at the caldwell store adn the shelves were emptied! I had to get a raincheck..

    Then I ended having to go to 4 different Walgreens to look for the “soap,” again the shelves were cleared out by others who had got there before me, but come on….4 stores? Finally at the last store i asked if i could just place an order- they said no personal orders, but they did order a huge amount to be delivered this week- so I will go back. As frustrated as i was, at the last store, i ended up using my coupons from the paper for deoderant and body wash…not sure it was a “thrifty” deal. I paid 15$ and got 10$ reg. Reward. Im still ok with that. luckily i work in Canyon and live in ada co, so all stores were not far off from anywhere. Still hopefully everyone starts using cpn/thrifty ettiquette and this doesnt happen every week.

  6. Do you know if they have the double cpns at Albertsons or do you have to get them from the newspaper? If only through the paper is it cost effective to go buy more papers?

  7. I’m new to this and had so much fun today at Albertsons. I used coupons and their double ones. I got 6 boxes of wheat thins/triscuits, 4 crystal lights, 2 wrigley gums(both were free). all for under $3!!!!!!! I saved $47.90 in coupons, I almost started to cry! Lorie

  8. Sarah,

    Is there a place that you know of to give away unwanted coupons? Any websites or local places?

    Knowing what I know now…I feel bad throwing away all of these diaper coupons…but I don’t have a baby or know anyone who does who also coupon shops.


  9. Katie,
    I am sorry to hear you where not able to find your items…..ALbertsons is normaly GREAT about having a ton of stock on hand, and they always are happy to give a rain check and honor the whole sale, which is great.

    Walgreens is still learning to have enough stock on hand, and I hope they will learn to stock for these sales a little better. Don’t give up there are to many good deal to be found!


  10. Yo can only get them in the paper….yes I think it is totally worth the cost of your paper, because not only will you get the doubles but you will also get all 3 coupon inserts with over $150 in coupons that you can use for weeks to come.

  11. Carrie,
    I have thought about starting up a coupon swap or trade….but I just don’t have the time for it right now. You can leave them on the shelf next to the item and I am sure a lucky coupon hunter will find them.

  12. sarah-

    can you use the register rewars we got this week 10$ towards more Dove and have it print another reward??

  13. Oh! That is a FANTASTIC idea! That’s what I will do…leave them next to the item. Thanks 🙂

  14. Katie, at walgreens you can not “chain” your rewards if you use it to pay for more doves another one will not print. but you could use a diaper RR and it should work just fine.

    At ALbertsons you can chain then and it works just fine….they system is a little easier, you can also pay sales tax with a catalia at Albertsons but at Walgreens you can not.

  15. Couldn’t you also stack the Walgreens $2 for the Garnier to make $1?

  16. Also, Albertsons is having doublers again this weekend. I think they’ll be in the Wed ad but can be used Fri-Sun only.

  17. The doublers for this weekend are actually for the 22-24th (Sun to Tues) not Fri-Sun.

  18. If anyone wants info on sending your unwanted/expired (no more than 6 months past the expiration date) to overseas military bases, email me and I’ll give you the information. -Ann

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