Late Saturday Walgreens Deals

Earlier this week I did a post on a few Walgreens tips.  In that post I talked about buying in small groups, don’t clear the shelf,  and place an order.  Well this week the gum was on sale for 3 for .99 cents, I wanted to buy 24 of them for a craft project. I had talked to the manager and he said come back in Saturday night, the last night of the sale.  If he still had a bunch in stock he would be happy to sale me a 24.  Being that Sunday morning a new sale would start and they would no longer be a hot item.  Well I was thrilled to find my store not only had gum left but they had just restocked many of the items…. I was so excited! My favorite cashier Patsy, greeted me with a smile and told me she just put out a whole bunch of diapers.   I am not going to list all the details because the sale is over now.  
But at normal price these would have cost $169.94
I paid $56.20
Plus I got back $20 in Register Rewards


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  1. I have a question on rebates. If the item has a rebate and there is a limit of say 2 rebates do you need to buy them in 2 separate purchases to get 2 rebates?

  2. Did you get your overage on your Glade items? I had to get a raincheck for them, but am going back tomorrow so am hoping they have restocked so I can use my coupons (& get an overage).

  3. Hello, I was wondering if you meant the register rewards on the Huggies had ended-buy 3 $10 diapers and get $10 RR, because I was planning on buying some. I wanted to get three $5 off coupons, but I was only able to print two. Thanks , RyansDad

  4. The “advertised” end date was the 14th. BUT a lot of RR continue through the month, they just don’t advertise it. Check with your local manager before you go to the check out. Let me know what you find.

  5. I have a question on rebates. If you purchase an item that has a rebate and they don’t limit you to just one rebate, do you need to make separate purchases to get the rebates on all of that one item you purchase? For example, Rite Aid has a $1 rebate on bandaids and they limit to rebates. Do you have to make 2 separate bandaid purchases to get each eligible rebate?

  6. I ended up using my $5 off coupons on baby wipes. The sale had stopped at CVS. I ended up buying the wipes at Target for 99 cents each. I wrote a posting on my blog about it. Maybe you could comment on how I am doing so far, since you are so good at this and I am new to it all. Thanks RyansDad

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