How Many Coupons Did you get Today?

I am sure all my neighbors think I am nuts when they see 6 Sunday papers in front of my house.  This week we had 3 coupon inserts Red Plum, Smart Source, and P&G.  In one Sunday paper there was $151.90 in coupons.  I got 6 + 4 from friends so that means today I got $1519.00 in coupons.  Don’t run out and use your coupons this week, wait for these items to go on sale, and then combine the sale with a coupon for some really Thrifty deals.  If you are new to my site  make sure you read my COUPONS 101 post.  If you are local (Caldwell/Nampa), and want the best price in town read the “A Thrifty Mom Paper Deal” post, on how you can get the best price on the daily paper with 4 Sunday paper for only $13.80 a month.

6 Responses

  1. Wow! That’s awesome.
    I live in a small town, so maybe our paper sucks, but I got Red plum and Smart Source, but there were only like 5 coupons total. I wonder if there are different versions for small town (cheap) papers?


  2. Yes not all papers are equal, You might look into what Larger Papers ( even out of state) will deliver in your area. Their is a link at the bottom of my A Thrifty Mom paper deal post, some large papers will ship you the paper…..might be worth looking into?

  3. I am drooling….

  4. I got my five papers today…
    and you’re making me feel inadequate! (if it wasn’t Sunday and my kiddos weren’t sick too…I’d be off to the store to get more!)

    So, when do you find time to cut and organize them all. I got your snazzy case from Wal-Mart and start stuffing and cutting away today. Seems like an endless task.

    and congrats on the interview…HOLY COW…only online for a month and LOOK AT YOU!!!
    Pat yourself on the back for me!

    Thanks again for doing what you do..
    you inspire me each day!

  5. I am going to do a Webcast on the fastest way to cut apart the papers….as soon as I get time. I break the papers down and cut all the coupons in a stack at once… makes it go a lot faster

  6. Wow! This is such a great blog! I am the one who asked all the anonymous questions (too excited to spend time signing up for Blogger) about the Master List and the Red Plum ads, etc. But you have really explained everything so well! So, never mind! 🙂

    I am local so this helps so very very much. I can not wait to get started!

    Thanks again

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