Thrifty Roundup

Proof that FREEBIES show up!

Here is a list of Samples, Freebies, and Thrifty Deals!
Before you sign up for these make sure you read my FREEBIES 101 post.

This weeks Thrifty deals

If you have not signed up for these already, check these out
Please feel free to pass any of these along, BUT please make sure you give A Thrifty Mom credit and a link to my blog. Thanks!

9 Responses

  1. Sarah…

    just wanted to pass it on (I can’t remember where I read it)…but, Walgreens has dove bars of soap for .99 (with in store coupon), but 8 and you get $10 for next time. The coupon says limit 3, but I got my eight and when she scans the coupon, it deducts for all of them!

  2. I printed a bunch of coupons from (a link on your site) and WinCo does accept coupons printed from the internet. The clerk said that they were never reimbursed for the coupons and consider them a fraud. Just thought I’d pass that along.

  3. I am sorry to hear that you had a bad coupon experience, Yes winco has a store policy that they will not take printable coupons. They ARE NOT FAKE AND ARE NOT A FRAUD other wise, walmart, walgreens, albertsons, target…..would not take them either. A post that might be helpful is my post on local store policy’s telling you what they will and will not take. Don’t let one bad coupon experience stop you from saving a ton of money! Take care and thanks for the note. Here is the link to my post.

    Take care

  4. Would you consider doing a post on ebates? I’m not sure how it works.

  5. I was reading at Walmart yesterday that they will no longer be taking printed coupons. You might want to double check before you go.

  6. I did hear one of the stores in Boise had decided not to take printed coupons anymore. SO i just called my Local Caldwell store she said they are being more careful about printable coupons, but THEY ARE STILL taking them. She it is best to print them off, they will say on them and that way the store knows they are from a good source. Once again it is always best to know the stores coupon policy before you load up your cart, just ask up front.

  7. Just wanted to pass this along…the link for the Similac savings says the offer is no longer available. Thanks for the other offers!

  8. Recently I tried signing up for a free Mr Clean Magic Eraser and a 3 step survey came up. Part of the survey was signing up for deals for example netflix, gift cards and other things. Some I could skip over but at the end I had to pick 2 deals that eventually once the trial was over I would start being charged. I was surprised because a few of these freebies were advertised by blogs like yours that I got from what I think are safe and well used blogs. Anyway, is there a way to bypass having to obligate myself to those free trials at the end?

  9. Very good question. And I’m not sure what the answer would be. About 99% of the items here we have done our self. and we pride our self in being honest to the reader. I wouldn’t want to post anything I haven’t done my self. But I can tell you what we did. I just closed the browser tab when it would let me go any further. My husband and I are too busy running this blog to have to worry about how much longer our “trial” period is before they charge us. So when it gets to that point we close our browser…Now we still receive our free samples. As you can see in our post above. Which survey or free sample site did they come from…Umm I am not sure..all I know is they are on my kitchen table now…;)

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