Last Day – get a $25 gift card for only $2

Tomorrow is the last day to get this deal for 80% off

Normally these cost $10 for the $25 gift certificate, but at 80% off it makes it only $2. Just click the logo and on check out enter the word MENU to the coupon code box on the top right of the checkout screen. Remember that some restaurants charge more for the gift certificate, like $12.50 or more, but you will still get 80% off your total.
We have used this to get $25 off 2 huge steak dinners at a local restaurant! It was so easy to get, and all we did was order, eat, and hand over our certificate! They said they love it when we come in with these certificates. Remember they add your tip to the bill, so you won’t need to leave one at the table.
Get yours now, by clicking the logo above, or text below and enter your zip code to pick from the restaurants in your area.
You can also give these away as presents to your friends! What a great inexpensive gift idea!

Save 80% Off with every order of $25 Gift Certificates. Use code MENU and pay $2 thru 3/15/09.


15 Responses

  1. Just a note for those of you that are new to Restaurant. com. If they run a 50% off sales they will almost always run a 70%, 80% or even 90% off sale a week or 2 later. I almost never buy when they are 50%. The only downside is that some of the really popular restaurants sell out quicker. This doesn’t happen often in the Boise market. It’s just like shopping the clearance rack, you hope the good ones aren’t gone before they mark down again!!

  2. I also heard that you can get more $$ back if you go thru ebates or mr rebates, making it an even better deal!

  3. It is my first time and I went to the website and it will only give me a gift card for $12.50. Am I doing something wrong?
    First timer

  4. You are doing it right, but the one you choose is a 12.50 normal price, when you go to check out enter the code MENU into the coupon code box and it will update to 80% off..about 3 dollars then..

  5. Thrifty Mom,

    I went Albertson’s today in Caldwell and wanted to give a heads up to all coupon ladies out there. The computers are not taking the $10.00 off of Kraft products you buy every time and you need to keep a close eye on it. Just mention it and they take care of it very nicely. Then I spent over the $250 requirement for the 5% cool saving coupon but mine didn’t print and the cashier did know why either. So I had to go to customer service and call the manager to get it. So don’t forget to watch your reciepts and make sure you get the savings coupon.

  6. Do the gift cards come by mail or do you print them out?

  7. You print them out. and they are good for 1 yr

  8. At the bottom of the deal it says it requires a minimum $35 purchase. Is this before or after the certificate is used?

  9. before—-so spend at least $35, hand it over they will subtract $25…but don’t forget they will include tax and tip to the amount before the certificate is added. So you will not need to leave a tip on the table.

  10. Do you know if you can use more than one at a time?

  11. It is one per table, but you can get larger $ amounts, that would work great for a group of people. They are also 80% off

  12. My sister-in-law showed me your blog, and I love it! I also live in the Boise area, and it is great to see you sharing all your savings ideas. Thank you! I am starting to get excited about saving more money by using coupons. I already try to cut back my spending, and do a lot on my own, but this will help me in new areas. Thanks for all the great tips!

  13. Oh, we also tried the, and got some great gift certificates. Thanks for sharing this tip too!

  14. Darn….I didn’t see your email until the deadline for the for the restaurant special had already expired. Do they have discounts regularly and do you post them each time there is one? 80% is fantastic but even 50% would be good for me, as a beginner. I just need to know how to find out about the special discount code. Thanks much!!

  15. getting ready to post a Luck of the Irish deal now…but check back often (daily) for other deals…they frequently do 80% off (1-2 month)

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