Start small and it will grow, place an order.

Stockpile a LITTLE at a time!
I feel like I need to talk about what I call my food storage or stockpile. As you read my blog you will see that I do not shop like most. I try to stock up on the sale items for the week. Buying them at a low price and saving myself money in weeks to come. I now have a good supply of most the items I need or want. But here is the point I need to make, I did not buy all these items in one week or month. This is a way of life for me, I have been shopping like this for years. Over time, months-years, I now have a large supply on hand.
The reason I feel like I need to address this is because some people are going way over board and clearing the shelf. The stores are frustrated because they do not have the items the customers want. The customers are frustrated because the items they want are gone too. Remember there will always be another sale. If you decide you want more than normal PLEASE think about placing an order with the store. But still remember that the warehouse only have so much stock on hand don’t get to carried away. As more of us coupon, the stores will learn to keep more stock on hand, Remember to play nice!

8 Responses

  1. Amen sister!!!! It is getting so ridiculous!!!

  2. I agree, my walgreens was not stocked on shampoo when i went, very little to chose from.

    Also- has anyone ever seen Winco do a “sale?” – like albies or fred meyer -I have not, so just curious.

  3. I have to agree! It has been so frustrating this week with the Walgreen’s diaper sale to walk into each of the stores in the area and find the diapers and wipes cleared out completely! This has happened to me twice this week. Nothing like wasting time and gas to find you can’t buy anything! 😦

  4. Bravo! Well said Sarah!

  5. I want to know how many times to you go out of your house with your kids to a store like Walgreens, Albertsons, Rite Aide, or Walmart. I feel like I need to be going out everyday to get all these deals you mention on your blog. It feels overwhelming to think about taking the kids everyday to a store. How much money do you spend a week to get sales too?

  6. Emily,
    I go a few times a week early in the morning or late at night when my kids are in bed…..I can’t shop, think and take care of them all at once. I do a weekly budget review each week it is under my labels section. DO NOT feel like you need to rush out ans get every sale…..there is a difference between need and want. You are a mommy you have a lot to stress about, don’t stress over a silly sale. If you miss it another one with come!

  7. AMEN and AMEN!!!! That is all I really want to say… AMEN!!!

  8. No kidding! I went to 3 different Walgreens this week looking for the Glade Lasting Impressions things…every store was out. Oh well….it was not a necessity. Like you said, another sale will come!

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