WINCO now taking Internet printable coupons!!!!!

As of last week WINCO will now take internet printable coupons, as long as they scan,  and have a bar code.  They put out a memo from corporate last week, so if your cashier gives you any trouble kindly ask for a manager.  Anytime a store changes there policy it takes them a while to get all there staff trained.  It is always best to ask what the policy is before you load up you cart!

Have you checked your mail box today?  I got an ad from winco with FREE coupons, sliced bacon, english Muffins and Large eggs.  I love a Thrifty deal like FREE FOOD!

8 Responses

  1. Is that on a newspaper? Where were the coupons?

  2. just a free ad that came by the post office in my mailbox

  3. I’m in Idaho Falls, haven’t seen this in my mail yet, hopefully soon though!

    That’s great news on the i-coupons! I’ll have to check w/my store here for sure!

  4. Where did you hear that they are taking printables? We just had one open up here in Spokane and I’ve only heard on Hot Coupon World’s Forums that people WISHED that they took them. I would love it though if they are indeed taking them!! I just want to verify before I post that they are…. If I can verify it and I post about it, I’ll link the post to you.

    Thank you:)

  5. From the store them self.

  6. Thx! Mine should have the “new policy” then since they just opened up but I’ll ask to make sure.

    Thanks again!

  7. Winco had a coupon for Kraft salad dressing for $1.50 off. Some flavors are only $1.58 so it makes them .08 cents each!!! What a deal. There is no limit. The coupons were by the display. My dad gave me this great deal, and I’m going to get mine today.

  8. Aleisha what winco did you find them at?

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