Walgreens Diaper order came in!

7 packs of diapers 4 packs of wipes
for $15.75 

I knew I would miss out on diaper sale at Walgreens, So I placed an order at the beginning of the week.  My order came in today!  I was able to get 7 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes, to see the ad match up click here.  On the ad match up you will find the link to print your own coupons, if you missed out on these printalbes.  Here are the details:
Order #1
-3 packs of huggies $10.00 each
-used 3/ 3$ off coupons
Final cost with tax $22.80 ( but then got a $10 register reward for buying $30)
Order #2 
-4 packs of wipes $6.00 each
-1 pack of huggies $10.00 each
-used 4 / $5 coupons on wipes
-used 1/ $3 coupon on huggies
Final price with tax $13.04  ( but then got a $10 register reward for buying $30)
Order #3
– 3 packs of huggies for $10 each
– 3 packs of gum for 3 for 99 cents with in store coupon ( I bought the gum as a filler item, I had 3 items and 3 coupons, but I wanted to pay with 3 register rewards which will count as a manufacture coupon.  Walgreens store policy is they only allow one MFR coupon per item.  So I had 3 register rewards I wanted to pay with, so I grabbed 3 packs of gum to bring my item total up to 6 and my coupon total up to 6 also)
-used 3/ $3 coupons
-used 3 register rewards $8, $4,  and $2
Final price $9.91 with tax ( but then got a $10 register reward for buying $30)

So I paid $45.75 out of pocket but I got back $30 in Register Rewards which I can use to buy other items so it is like paying $15.75.  What a Thrifty deal!!!!


13 Responses

  1. Hi! We love your blog and totally used the Huggies advice this week.

    Question – did you use the “$5 Gentle Care Diapers Product” coupon found online on the wipes as well? I guess I didn’t realize that was a possibility if that was the case, and had only used it on diapers. If you did, I may need to visit W’s again this week!

  2. Yes the wipes work with the $5 internet coupon. Good luck! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. I didn’t know you could place a special order. Do you do that with the manager?

  4. Yes at most stores you can, but always check with the manager. If they get to know you and are “coupon friendly” they will in a lot of cases. This way we don’t wipe out the store, and then only 1 or 2 people benefit from a sale.
    read my post for more info:


  5. I was told at my Walgreens that you can never use ANY Register Reward on a deal if you want it to print another Register Reward (yesterday when I was buying my diapers and wipes with my old RR’s). I was also told that in a few days they will no longer allow customers to use easy saver or walgreens coupons AND a manufacturer coupon. Have you heard anything?

  6. Robyn,
    You CAN use a RR and have another RR print as long as it is NOT from the same time or deal combo. I would encourage you to call customer service 1-800-925-4733 and tell them. TO MANY stores are telling customer WRONG info. They don’t know why it doesn’t print so they just tell you, you can’t use them. BUT this is not true and does not fix the issue. You can always call 1-888-8coupon to talk to the catalina ( register rewards) office give them the info and they will tell you why your RR did not print. They will then send you one in the mail, but this takes up to 8 weeks. Hope this helps.

  7. My friend and I went to Walgreens on Tuesday to get some of the good deals and everything was completely wiped out and the store person we talked to said they had a truck that day and it was their last truck for the week. Do I need to find a Walgreens that is coupon friendly and let them know at the beginning of the week what I want? It was disappointing, especially since I only had one or two of each coupon and couldn’t even use those.

  8. ALL the head mangers in this area are having a meeting today. One of the things they are discussing is how to better serve, handle and the rules to couponing. I hope this will put all the local stores on the same page as to customer service, how to stock for a sale and allowing you to place orders for the items you need.

  9. Did you place your order on walgreens.com or did you place it in the store? I tried to place an order on walgreens.com but could not figure out how to use the coupons.

  10. We talk to the in store manager. he said he would rather place an order for me, then to have me wipe the store clean. he is way friendly and always willing to help. Just ask with a smile….lol

  11. Great diaper score!!

  12. Did you get the RR for this deal when you placed the order with the manager or when you actually received the products. Just wanted to know what to look for if I want to place an order.

  13. Yes, and you do get RR on orders as long as the shipment is in, and you pick it up, before the RR time expires.

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