Like Surveys? We have em’

We have had requests for ways to make money in between shopping trips. Some of our friends who fill surveys out make $100 per month for about 5 minutes per day of work. And on top of that they have a house full of free products, and use gift cards like some use credit cards. We have filled out these and feel they are your best chances to make the most. Check them out for yourself. One thing that might make it easier, are “form complete” type programs. Firefox has Roboform as an add-on, for an example to use to fill out the forms automatically.
Worried about spam mail, read our post on Freebies 101

Panda Research



3 Responses

  1. Hi childhood friend!! Its me JoAnn (Allen) Fowler. My sis told me you were on the news so I just had to look at your blog. I too am in to couponing and love a good deal. I haven’t fully checked out your site but I am excited for another site to cruise. happy couponing and check our my family blog if you want

  2. I went to and filled out their survey. I got a bunch of emails from them should I follow these emails? Will I actually get stuff from filling out all the surveys they sent? What about the secret shopper stuff. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. a good place to answer this and help would be to read this.

    and yes we get freebies in the mail almost daily

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