Walgreens Thrifty Tips

Did you go to Walgreens this week only to find the items you went for are all out of stock?

First off I feel like I need to take a minute and talk about “playing nice” I know we all want to get a great deal. I have been talking to my local Walgreens manager. ( who is SUPER coupon friendly) We have been talking about the best way to provide good service to all shoppers. When one or two people come in and clear the shelf within the first few minutes of a sale, that makes 2 people happy. But hundreds of others come in wanting a good deal disappointed they are out of stock. For example, I knew the diaper sale this week would sell out within the first day. I do not shop on Sunday so I knew I would miss out on this sale. So I just asked to place a diaper order, This way I get what I need and it does not take away from everyone else. This coupon CRAZ has taken off like crazy the last few months, good managers, like at my local store, are trying to do their best to keep the store stocked with the “hot” items. They are happy to see us walk in with coupons in hand!

I have learned to ask when the new shipments come in, the store will be restocked and most the deals I want are there. If not, I ask for a raincheck. Unfortunately they can’t give rainchecks for Register Rewards. If I miss out, yes I am disappointed but there is always another good deal around the corner.

I do buy a lot at Walgreens. If it is a good sale week I am there 4-5 times a week. But I never clear the shelf, I buy in small quantities throughout the week. If I go the last day of the sale, late in the day and they still have a lot on the shelf THEN I go ahead and load up. Knowing everyone has had a chance to get in on the sale.

I have to say that I think my local walgreens is amazing with good customer service, they have always treated me very well. But I know many other stores have staff that might not be as well informed on coupon policy, and tend to give incorrect info. Be kind, a smile goes a long way, if the cashier is having trouble with your coupons, politely ask for a manager. If the manager is still unable to help you, in this case, I would suggest you please call the customer service number at Walgreens 1-800-925-4733. They will then be able to better train there staff better and make it easier for you in the long run.

I always check out at the Cosmetics counter, it is less busy and does not clog the front of the store with transactions that take longer due to coupons. My local Manager actually asked to please ask couponers to check out at the make up counter, SO keep that in mind! If you have more than one transaction and someone is behind you, think about letting them go before you.

Last but not least, my Local Walgreens has offered to have me teach an informative class right in the store. I would show you how I shop, which coupons to use, and the coupon policy’s. The Manger will be there to help answer questions and make shopping there a great experience. MY QUESTION for you is, would this be something you would like me to do? Would you want to come? Let me know what you think. For my readers out of state, we are working with Walgreens to do a Podcast in the store with the same info.


26 Responses

  1. Sarah…you should TOTALLY do a class! We were in CVS tonight (my sister and I) with our coupon binders out..and were stopped by a mom and daughter and asked if we taught a class or if she could shop with us next week.

    A podcast would be AWESOME!

  2. I think this would be great. I totally agree with you 100%. I think that is awesome of you to take your time and do something like this. Thank you.

  3. Yes if it was a podcast!

  4. I would totally take a class! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think that a class would be GREAT! I would come…Did I mention that I thought that it would be great and that I would come?


  6. I would so be there!! I think you are great!! I want to learn all you have to offer.

  7. Great post! I’ve only been couponing a few weeks and already I ‘know’ several of the employees, and one cashier in particular is super nice (at the makeup counte) and she says to always come when she’s working cuz she likes to see my kids. and your’e right — a smile goes a long way!

  8. How exactly to you order ahead of time? I hear that Dove will be 25% off next week, so I’d like to place an order to get what I want. The deodorant bars will be a great price in combination with the RR deal right now plus coupons. I hate driving from place to place only to find them all empty. Will they order the travel deodorant/soap for me and how do I go about doing it? Are they okay with that and will they think I’m weird if I want to buy like 20? Is that considered rude to others if I’m pre-ordering?

  9. Where are you located?

  10. I would most definately come and I bet my girlfriends would too! We all live in Meridian & Boise…you've got at least five of us to start! :o) I was referred to your blog by a lovely coupon friendly cashier at the Nampa Target earlier this week! What a blessing it was to fall in her line and to be directed to your site!

  11. Which is your local walgreens.
    And count me in on a class.
    Lots of ladies from my ward might be interested.

  12. I would watch the podcast!!!

  13. sarah i think that would be great just let me know a little in advance because of work thank you

  14. I would join your class!

  15. I would definitley come to a class. Let me know when and where! I have to say that the clerks at the walgreens by Maverik are so much more friendly then the ones at the other caldwell walgreens. There is one in particular that has helped me a couple of times and is super patient explaining it all to me since I am new!

  16. I think a class would be great. I have been trying to find couponing classes for this area. Thanks

  17. Martha, Yo just have to ask the manger if they will pre order for you. SOme will some won’t. They do have trouble with people ordering and then not picking the order up. My store knows I am there every other day, so they know I will pick it up….another positive to getting to know the cashiers and staff and always having a smile on my face.

  18. Thanks for this post. I went to 3 Walgreens on Mon. morning and all of them were out of the B1G1 Creamer. Frustrating. I finally found some yesterday, but my cashier (and myself) had some confusion with the coupons, so I would love a class!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Absolutely! Let me know what is available for out of state. Wish I could see yours in person.

  20. I would love a class and have a few friends that would attend too I”m sure! I’ll keep watching for details.

  21. PLEASE do a class for those of us that are just starting and overwhemed

  22. I’m an out of stater but would love to see your class! What a great idea!!

  23. I would love to learn about walgreens coupons policy. I would also like to know how to deal with the cashiers who don’t. it would be nice to have a printed coupon policy guide when going to the store.

  24. I would love to take your class…keep us posted. Thanks for sharing your “talent” with us!

  25. You totally need to do a class. I live in Boise and would love to come. I love Walgreens deals and am a crazy coupon clipper, but would love some help on how to get a better deal.
    Thanks, Anne

  26. I would love a class- I’m In Va.I’m still not saving as much as I’d like and I never seem to see any register rewards on my receipt?? I see them at CVS??Whats up with that?

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