Q&A- Where do you find the coupon book inserts?

Question:  Where do you get photo sheets for your coupon book?

I get this question at least twice a week so I thought I would just do a post about it.  In my coupon book I use clear plastic photo sheets that fit into a three ring binder.  I know a lot of you are having trouble finding these.  I was able to find them at my local Walmart, in the scrapbook section next to the photo/scrapbook albums.  At my store them are behind a large concert pillar and hard to see, tucked back in the corner.  You get 20 sheet for $1.96, each sheet hold 3 photos.  

If you know of a better price online, or another store that sells them please let me know.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you! I didn’t quite get the ‘vision’ of your wonderful binder until I saw someone with one in the store the other day. After stopping to chat with her a little, I can see how this would be so much better than what I have! So, I appreciate knowing where to find the pages. 🙂

  2. We use the plastic pages that hold baseball cards. Each page holds 9 coupons (18 if you put them in back to back). We bought ours off of Amazon but you can find them in any game/hobby store as well as Walmart, Target, etc…

  3. I could not find the photo pages at my local Walmart, but they are remodeling so that might be why.

    I did find the plastic pages for baseball cards. There are 35 sheets in a pack … 9 pockets on each sheet for a total of 315 pockets. Cost = $5.77.

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