Albertsons Ad Match -ups 3/11-3/17

Albertsons Ad Match-ups for March 11-17

Please note that I just list the deals that I think are the most “THRIFTY” So be sure a to check your ad and look for any deals I may have missed. To see Albertsons coupon policy click here.

Albertsons Extreme In-store coupons
-Hershey’s Multi-pack candy (limit 2) .99 cents each
-Bar S Jumbo Meat Franks 16 oz ( limit 4) .99 cents each
-Shoppers Value Ice Cream 64 oz (limit 2) $1.39 each
-Fresh Express Garden Salad 24 oz (limit 2) $1.99
-Kraft American Singles 12 oz (limit 2) $1.69
-Shopper Value Bath Tissue 12 double rolls (limit 4) $3.99
– Extra Jumbo Raw Shrimp 16-20ct (limit 2 bags) 2 lb bag $11.98 each
Other Thrifty deals
-Fresh Green Seedless Grapes .99 cents a lb
-Boneless Skinless Chicken breast $1.99 a lb
-Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops or Roast $1.99 a lb
-Fresh boneless beef Cross Rib Roast $1.99 a lb
-Fresh Extra Lean Ground beef 85% lean $1.99 a lb
-Albertsons brand cold cereal select Varieties $1.49 a box
-Pepsi soft Drink 2 ltr 10 for $10 or $1 each
-Granny Sycamore’s white for wheat bread 20 oz $2.50 each
10 for $10 items or ($1.00 each)
Land O Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste Spread 15 oz tub $1.00
-Final price .45 cents
Renuzit Solid Air Freshener $1.00
-use .55 cent off of 3 coupon from 2/22 smart source coupon insert
-Final Price .82 cents (when you buy 3)
KRAFT sale, spend $25 on  participating products ( before tax and coupons) and get $10 off instantly

Please look at you ad to see all the items that are in this sale , I will just list the ones that have coupons to match up with the sale.

2 for $5  items $2.50 each ( after $10 discount $1.50 each)

Oreo Cakesters 12 oz
-use $1 off 2 coupon printable here
-Final Price $1.00 each

South Beach diet bars
-use $1 off coupon from the 2/8 smart source coupon insert
-Final price .50 cents 

Planters Mr. Peanut Big Bars
-use .75 cents off of 1 coupon from the 2/25 Smart source coupon insert
-Final price .75 cents
2 for $6 items $3.00 each  ( after $10 discount $1.80 each)

Crystal Light On the Go packages 
-use $1.00 of 2 printable here and here
-Final price $1.30 when you buy 2

Crystal Light Drink mix 
-use $1.00 off 3 coupon printable here and here
-Final Price $1.30 when you buy 2

Jell-o  refrigerated ready serve
-use .60 cent coupon printable here
-Final Price $1.20

Kraft Bagel-fuls 10 oz
-use $1.00 off coupon printable here
-Final Price .80 cents

Nabisco 100 cal snack packs
-use $1.00 off 2 coupon printable here
OR use .75 cents off of 1 coupon from the 2/25 Smart source coupon insert
-Final price $1.30 each
2 for $4 items $2.00 each ( after $10 discount  $1.20 each)
Kraft Chunk cheese 6-8 oz
Plus there is a Catalins deal
buy 2 get back a $1 catalina
buy 3 get back a $2 catalina
buy 4 get back a $3 catalina
so if you buy 4 pack of cheese they will would be $4.80, but then a $3 catalina will print.  So it is like paying $1.80 for 2 pounds or 4- 8oz packs of cheese
UPDATE***  I just bought 5 kraft cheese and no catalina printed……has anyone elso had luck with this?  I still bought them it is a good deal, but would have been better if the Catalina printed.
2 for $3 items $1.50 each ( after $10 discount .90 cents each)
2 for $7 items $3.50 each ( after $10 discount $2.10 each)
Oscar Mayer Turkey of Ham ( my cousin just called to tell me know they have blinky coupons  next to the lunch meat for $1 off 2 packages)
-Final price $1.60 with coupon

Thanks to PYP for help with these match ups

9 Responses

  1. Hey I thought the kraft cheese was amazing because it also has a catalina offer on it making it like 80 cents per pound. You might want to post that one. I got the info from krazycouponlady so you can get the details from there.

  2. Sarah, I just got an email from Jared at Alberston’s…

    “as of April 3rd we will no longer be accepting cometitor coupons…. We will still accept competitor catalina coupons as long as they are item specific…. Also, if you need some printable coupons I know of a few places to get them. If you go to … The other place is a blog from a lady locally and her name is Sara and her blog is”

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. Wooo hooooo!!! I have a few 75 cent coupons for the kraft cheese!!!! that will make it REALLY cheap and I have Catalinas to spend!!!! Woooo hooooo!!!! FREE CHEESE!!!

  4. Mine did not print the catalina either…is there anything we can do about it?

  5. Not really being that was not something that store advertised, I go the info for PYP her info on catalinas is normally correct, but it can differ form area to area. I t will work some some areas not all. I always try to let you know as soon as I know something is not working.

  6. I just went to Albertsons and they didn’t accept the Hershey’s coupon for the Whoppers. However, I did get a free $2 off my next order by buying the Crystal Light. (Which he let me use on this transaction). So I guess it all balanced out.

  7. Thanks Julie, The first day it I always have to work a few kinks out.

  8. On Krazy coupon lady they said on the kraft cheese you have to buy the specific ones. Here they are hopefully that helps, I am about to go try it.
    Buy Kraft 2% Natural Chunk, Shreds and Snacking Cheese 6oz or larger. Includes 2% Natural Chunk, 2% Natural Slices, 2% Cracker Cuts, 2% Cubes, Crumbles and 2% Shredded Cheese.

    Make sure that you buy the varieties listed or it won’t print!

  9. Thanks for the cheese tip, mine didn’t print either, but I didn’t buy those varieties. They did take my Hershey coupon for the whoppers/robin eggs though. The back of the package says from the makers of “Hershey” so they should take it and it meets the weight (oz0 requirements!

    Good luck!

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