Irish Spring Body Wash at Walgreens FREE

 When I was at Walgreens today my sweet little cashier pointed it out to me.  The 18oz Irish Spring Body wash is on sale for $4.49 but when you buy one, after you pay a Register Reward will print out for a FREE 18oz body wash.  So it is like buy one get one free.  It is on page 7 of the weekly ad.

8 Responses

  1. Do you know if you can ‘roll’ this deal? Or is it like all other RRs … use it on the same product and no reward?

    There are no coupons involved, right? So this could be a good ‘filler’ item for others that do this week?

  2. Yes it would be a great filler item! Now about rolling it, I would assume you can’t, but I’m not 100%

  3. Where do you go a Walgreens with a sweet little cashier that actually points out deals for you? The rest of us have the ones that roll their eyes or aren’t helpful! My best has been one that is cheerful but still can’t help if something beeps or there is any kind of problem. I’d love to find a coupon friendly one in the valley somewhere.

  4. I purchased the Irish Spring and received the Register Reward. I then went back and used my coupon to get my FREE bottle. Another Register Reward printed!! I have done this 4 times now and the Register Rewards keep printing! I don’t think it is supposed to do this, so there is no gurantee that this will work, but it is worth a try!

  5. Michelle,
    At my local Walgreens in Caldwell, they have the nicest cashiers and managers ever!!! love them!

  6. Yupp, the deal DOES roll… i have been rolling all day…and will continue tomorrow..My husband loves the Irish Spring Bodywash…lol

  7. Didn’t roll for me, but I know it does for some people. Maybe it is store specific?

  8. I went last night to Wags to buy the irish spring body wash and there was a $1Q from either the 2/8 or 2/22 coupon ads (sorry not exactly sure once they are cut up and organized. It printed out the Q for a free irish spring so I used it for my free bottle and it printed out another Q for a free bottle. So I’ve received 2 bottles for 3.49 (after Q’s) and I’m going to stop by again on my way to the dentist for my 2nd free bottle. Hopefully another Q for a free bottle prints again.

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