My Thrifty Walmart deals

Before coupons $61.59 + tax
I paid $15.89

Here is how I did it:
The bananas and craisins did not have coupons, I was just needed them.
Yoplait yogurt $2.14
-used the .50 cent coupon from Smart source 1/25
Johnsons buddie bar soap .97 cents
-use $1 off coupon from here  

Covergirl 2 pack of eyeliner $5.00
-used $1 off coupon from P&G insert
2 jars of Nalley pickles $1.62 each
-used 1.50 off two jars coupon from 1/25 smart source insert
9 bags of kitten food $4.87 each
-used $5 off coupon from 3/1 P&G insert  to read more details click here

3 Responses

  1. What walmart do you shop? Mine does not take internet coupons.

  2. Well we shop at the store in Caldwell. But you should remember that just because ONE cashier tells you something doesn’t mean it is store policy. Always ask the manager before you go adding items to your cart..Cashiers sometimes have a complex and like to state personal feelings instead of store policy, only because they are unfamiliar with actual coupon use and understand it completely. We find that cashiers sometimes think that a manufacture coupon is just that particular stores deal, and they don’t understand that the manufacture is going to be reimbursing that store, plus a handling credit. now the only one I know of that doesn’t take internet coupons is the store in meridian, they even posted it on the doors. but i know that other walmarts accept coupons…

  3. If you google it, you can find links to Walmart’s coupon policy on They DO accept IP coupons as long as they meet all conditions listed. I would print this page and keep it with you during all Walmart shopping trips.

    They also have a policy that is in the books, but not publicized that deals with wrong pricing on items. You may want to research this as well! =)

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