FREE IAMS Kitten food at Walmart

14 bags of IAMS kitten food for FREE

This Sunday 3/1 in the P&G coupon insert there was a coupon for $5 off any sized bag of Smart Puppy or Kitten food.

Any time I see a high value coupon like this I try to find a match up for a Thrifty deal.  I went to Walmart where I found the 4 lb bags for $7.89 with the coupon that would make then $2.89 a pretty good deal.  But against the back wall, away from all the other food I found these small 2 lb bags priced at $4.87  my coupon said ” on any size” so that means the small bags were FREE. 

Those of you who know me personally know that I DO NOT have a cat.  So you are wondering why on earth I am getting cat food?  We donate our old news papers to the local animal pound for the kittens to use as tray liners.  On Friday the worker told us that they have had a huge increase in animal drop offs, especially cats.  She said, many people are losing there jobs and can’t afford to feed them anymore.  The pound is low on supplies and food.  So when I saw these bags of food for FREE I was so excited, knowing I will be able to help some needed animals. If you don’t need cat food, Please check your stores for these bags, use your coupon and donate them to a good cause.
If you are new to couponing you might think I am stealing from the store, by getting these items for free.  I just want to let you know that the store will get the full $5 from the Manufacturer.  When they submit my coupon they will also get .8 cents for every coupon I used so I used 14 coupons that is an extra $1.12 made from my coupons.


9 Responses

  1. This is such a wonderful idea- thanks so much for posting it 🙂

  2. You are so nice, such an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work…I love your blog!

  3. WOW! This will make me think twice about buying things inexpensively, even if I personally don’t need them myself. SO SWEET!

  4. Hey! found you through Money Saving Mom. Awesome idea about donating!

  5. I am so glad you mentioned the idea for the free cat or dog food! When my daughter sees the boxes in the grocery stores or Walmart to donate pet food, she always wants to contribute, but I’m a single mom on a very tight budget, and always have to tell her no. Now we can contribute!! Thanks again for the wonderful idea!

  6. love the “donate” idea! didn’t think about donating my newspapers, but that’s a great idea, too!

  7. My hubby and I just dropped off some cat food and litter at our local shelter (where we adopted our cats from). I didn’t get quite as good a deal as you, but I was happy with paying $4 for two bags of cat food, one bag of dog food, one bag of cat litter (and a soda for me!) at CVS. I had some register coupons that were expiring and a few coupons for $3.50 off purina food (you can get it at, plus CVS had $1 off the cat/dog food. I plan to keep an eye out for more of these deals. I think our shelter only feeds Purina food though … must check into that!

  8. How do you come across all the extra coupons? I newspaper doesn't even send out the P&G saver (darn it!) but you must be getting extras from somewhere…how do you do it!? 🙂

  9. I buy 6 sunday papers a week, plus get many others from friends who do not coupon. The P&G coupon came out 3/1 sunday paper. I bought 10 extra papers at my local ALbertsons because I knew there were so many great coupon in side. I am just blessed to have 2 local papers that carry great coupon inserts. Spend 1.50 and get $160 in coupons it works for me.

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