Pepto Money Maker at Walgreens

Money Maker Deal at Walgreens!

There is a Register Rewards at Walgreens, buy 3 Pepto products and get a $8 Register Reward.  Most of these products are $5 each.  But at my local Walgreens I was able to find these children’s pepto tabs on clearance for $1.39 each.  Plus I had a 55cent off coupon, so I paid $2.77 for all three boxes, and then got back an $8 Register Reward.  Which made this a $5.23 money maker!!!
Thanks to my reader Sue for this Thrifty Tip!

2 Responses

  1. What a fabulous deal! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Im a new one here( live in Meridian ID) but have been couponing for years. Walgreens has so many great deals. I saw somewhere that next week (March 8-14) that my favorite peanut butter Jif will be on sale 4 jars flro $5 and so will Smuckers jelly. If you are smart and have coupons you could make a really good deal!

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