A ton of savings with CoolSavings

CoolSavingsWe have signed up here with CoolSavings and have recieved so many free samples, and got coupons for a ton of items. Click the logo above to sign up for CoolSavings and start saving with over $50 in grocery coupons, 200+ online discounts from your favorite retailers, helpful savings tips, and much more.

If you are worried about getting junk email make sure you read my FREEBIES 101 post.


2 Responses

  1. Did you actually sign up for this site? I did several months ago and all I got was a ton of spam. I’ve never gotten any coupons or freebies from them. Maybe I did something wrong or don’t know where to look?

  2. Kristen,
    Before you sign up for any freebies, please make sure you read my FREEBIES 101 post. In this post one of the first things I encourage you to do is make a “freebie email” that way your person account does not get junk mail or spam. Yes I did sign up, I have gotten spam too but some good offers also. When anything is FREE I realize I am going to have to watch or read some advertising along with what I really want. Thanks for your question, I hope this was helpful, take care and thanks for reading!

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