3% cash back on Ebay

Did you know that by going through Ebates to shop on Ebay, you can get an addition 3% cash back to your Ebates! Just for going to Ebay through the “portal” of Ebates, you will make money while finding those cheap deals on Ebay!
If you don’t already have an Ebates account, you can click the logos to sign up, and on sign up you will also get $5 towards your account! Read “Ebates what is it” post for details


2 Responses

  1. Which e-mail address do you suggest to use for Ebates? Main address or a created e-mail just for the ebate account? I just don’t want to get spam’d to my main e-mail account. Great site by the way!!!

  2. hey good question. we signed up with our main email, and i haven’t got spammed by non related info.. like every other day i do receive updates as to good deals from Ebates, but if you don’t want that, i think you can change your settings with them. but 1 email every 2 or 3 day is fine with me…

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