Thrifty Walgreens Deals

These deals at Walgreens would have been $26.27 + tax
I paid $2.10 ( $1.58 of that was tax) 
Plus I got back at $3.50 Register Reward good towards my next purchase.

Here is how I did it:

Colgate Max Toothpaste $3.29
-use .75 cents off coupon from the 2/22 smart source coupon insert
-get back a $3.50 Register Reward good towards your next purchase
Final price FREE plus a .96 cents overage

Glade Motion Sensor Sense and Spray $9.99
-use $4 MFR (manufacturer coupon) from 2/8 smart source coupon insert
-then use $4 instant value walgreens coupon from Easy Saver Catalog page 29.  These are the little coupon books found right in the store next to the weekly ads.
Final price 1.99

Glade Lasting Impressions Fan- powered Fragrance kit $9.99
-use $4 MFR (manufacturer coupon) I think it was the 2/8 smart source, but not sure
-then use $4 instant value walgreens coupon from Easy Saver Catalog page 29.  These are the little coupon books found right in the store next to the weekly ads.
Final price 1.99

Candy 3 for $3
Used $9 in Catalina Register Rewards from last week 

 Tip –the candy I bought as  “filler” item.  At Walgreens you can use one MFR coupon per item,( but you can stack it with an in-store coupon too they don’t count in-store coupons.) I had 3 items the toothpaste, 2 glade items but  I had 1 MFR for each item ( 3 coupons 3 items).  At Walgreens they consider the Register Rewards a  MFR coupon,  I wanted to pay for my items with Register Rewards from last week.   But he register will not allow me to do that, being that I had 3 MFR coupons and 3 items.  SO to get around this problem I grab a inexpensive filler item that will bring my item total up to 6, allowing me to pay with 3 Catalina Register Rewards.

Register Rewards Walgreens tip– If you wanted to buy more than one tube of toothpaste, and get back the register rewards on each one.  You will need to pay for them all in separate transactions.  If you by 1 or if you buy 5 , only 1 register rewards will print.  It is best to buy them one at a time, allowing you to get a Register Reward for each one. PLEASE note that some cashiers will allow you do separate transactions, and others will not. 

Register Rewards Walgreens tip- If you pay for the toothpaste get a register reward, then try to pay for another tube of toothpaste with a “toothpaste register rewards” another will not print out.  You could pay for your toothpaste with a ” razor, or baby soap register reward”  and another will print. A little confusing at first, but easy once you get the hang of it!


5 Responses

  1. I went and got the toothpaste and soap tonight — yay! i love FREE stuff.

    question — do you write the date on your coupons when you clip them from the inserts? just wondering how you know when it’s from when you tell us, for example, “from the 2/8 smart source”???


  2. Sarah,

    A friend just sent me an email. Go to and there are B1G1Free on those two glades that you just bought…I already bought mine too, but I’m searching my stash for more coupons…I’ll let you know if it works…then, you should be able to get 4 for almost nothing!
    (pass the info on to anyone that may not have used up their coupons yet!)

  3. Yes I do write the date….just since I started the blog to try and help you all out. But you can also find a coupon list at pinching your

    Hope this helps

  4. Do you write on your RR what you got it with, example: toothpaste RR. How do you keep your rewards straight so you don’t use a toothpaste reward on toothpaste?

  5. I have done that in the past to help me stay organized. But most the time I just remember what they are for. I do keep the in order of the date so I don’t let me expire….that would be money down the drain!

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