Albertsons Thrifty deals

Before sale price, coupons or discount this would have cost $120.79 +tax 
With sale prices Albertsons preferred card it rang up at $71
After coupons, I paid $20.71
Plus I got back a $10 Catalina to spend on my next shopping trip

The Idaho Statesman (one of our local papers), called and wanted to do a story on my blog.  It will run  Saturday March 6th, they asked to do a photo of me shopping at my favorite store.  So of course I went to Albertsons ( Ya I love my local Albertsons)  They are super coupon friendly and love helping me get THRIFTY deals.  That being said it was really crazy trying to shop with a camera man clicking away, and people in the store looking at me like we were nuts.  Being that I was a little distracted, I made a few mistakes.  Yes even I goof up on my coupons.  I bought the wrong brand juice so it was not on sale, and I forgot to buy 20 rice a roni products to get my $5 catalina back.  I forgot to use my yogurt coupons……but even with that I got some really great deals! Thanks to Albertsons!  Here are the links to the prices details from posts I did earlier this week.
Rice a Roni click here
Colgate toothpaste click here
All other items click here
After I used the coupons listed in these posts, I also used $33.50 in Catalina coupons from 2 weeks ago.

4 Responses

  1. I must say I am quite jealous we don’t have an Albertson’s here.

  2. Hey there! I just found your blog by Money Saving mom. I live in Idaho too. I just started couponing and my savings aren’t as good as yours but I’m learining.

  3. What can I do if my local Albertsons is not so friendly about using the coupons?

  4. Is it your manager, or the cashiers. Most shoppers hear what cashiers say and think its store policy, when actually the cashiers really have no idea what is store policy. Talk to the manager, because in most cases its due to lack of education on the cashiers part.
    Our local Albertsons just brought in a specific manager due to being educated in coupons, and the realization for the need for increase in customer coupon use.

    let me know ..

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