Free Dove Soap at Walgreens No Coupons Needed

8 bars of soap for FREE

Thanks to one of my readers Kathy who let me know about this Register Rewards deal going on at Walgreens this month.  Buy 8 dove products and get a $10 register reward back.  
I went to buy the bars that are on sale for .99 cents this week with the in-store coupon but they were all out of stock.  But I saw the travel sized bars for $1.19 So I grabbed 8 of them just to see if it would work.
8 bars cost $9.52
I live in Idaho so I had to also pay .57 cents tax
I used $8 in Catalina Register Reward coupons  from last week
Paid $1.09 cash out of pocket,
But after I paid a $10 Catalina Register Reward printed out good towards my next purchase.
Paid $10.09 but got back a $10 RR thats a Thrifty Deal
If you are new this site, and want to start saving money this is a great deal to start with, being that there are no coupons needed.
If you are able to find the normal sized bars in stock and use the .99 cents in store coupon, this would then turn into a $2 money maker deal.

6 Responses

  1. great deal! awesome to know! I am new to all of this, do you actually cut out and use the “in store coupon” and if so, where do you get it, or is it just an automatic sale in the store?? thanks for all you do to help!

  2. Yes you need to use the coupon for you WILL NOT get the sale price. you find the coupon in the weekly ad. Most the stores are out of stock…..thats why I tried the trial size. Let me know if you have any more question.

  3. I just went to walgreens and got this deal on Dove. What a deal!!! Also when I was checking out I saw an advertised special buy 1 cologate tooth paste for 3.29 and get a Register Reward coupon for 3.50 towards my next purchase. I got 4 tubes of toothpaste for free. I just found your blog and I love it. Thanks for all your info!!

  4. Where did you find the instore coupon for the dove soap? I can’t find the coloring book coupons in Idaho Falls.

  5. sandy,
    They are in the weekly ad.

  6. oh yes – I meant to get to Walgreens all week. I even told my hubby – “no, don’t buy soap at Sam’s Club, I
    can get it for free.” And then I missed it – grr…I vicariously live through you. 🙂

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