Clearance at Albertsons

Colgate for kids is on clearance!!!

Today when I was shopping at my favorite store Albertsons, I saw that they had Colgate for kids normal price $2.69 on clearance for $1.34.   Plus I had my coupon binder with me,  so I looked and found a .75 cents off coupon from the 2/22 smart source coupon insert. 
 Which means I paid .59 cents.
Now I know you are all wondering why I paid for toothpaste when I got over 20 tubes for free last month.   Well because, my kids don’t like the adult toothpaste.  They think it is “too spicy hot”,  So I am more than happy to pay .59 cents a tube for toothpaste that my kids will happily use.
Not all stores clearance at the same time, but check your store next time you are there.
For this weeks Albertsons Match Ups click here

4 Responses

  1. My kids say the exact same thing about adult toothpaste being “too spicy”. Too funny! Great deal on kids toothpaste, I will have to see if my Albertson’s has them clearanced too.

  2. My store had these clearanced the week ALbies did doubles. So I stocked up then and made money! It’s funny how different stores mark down at different times.

    Glad you found some cheap!

  3. Hi I’m new here, can I ask how you got 20 tubes for free last month?


  4. Michele,
    Lots of different stores had great sales, like this week you can get colgate for free at Walgreens. You pay for it, but then you get a Register Reward for the full value….which makes it free. Stores have sales like this all the time.

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