Free Gum Anyone????? At Rite Aide

16 packs of gum would have been $15.84
But I only paid .79 cents

At my local Rite Aid they had the gum on a temporary price cut from $1.49 down to $.99
I found them on the candy isle,
BUT in this Sundays paper the Red Plum coupon insert had coupons for $1.00 off 1 mentos.
So it made them FREE  all I had to pay was sells tax.

Thanks Angela for this Thrifty Tip!

3 Responses

  1. Also at Kroger this week if you don’t have rite aid. they are 10/$10 and if you have the coupon then they are free! nice!!

  2. I have one coupon for the gum. Do you need 16 coupons for the gum or do they continue to scan the same one? Thanks!

  3. Yes you need a coupon for each one. If they scanned the same coupon over and over they store would only get paid for the one coupons….causing them to loose money. So with your one coupon you can get one free package. Good luck!

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