February’s Bugdet Review

Month of February’s Budget Review
Money out of pocket  $147.04
I was able to buy $888.10 of items for $147.04
I saved $741.06
Plus- I have $18.47 coming back in Rebates
– I also have $35.50 in Catalina coupons 
To read all the details click on links below

One Response

  1. wow! I have been shopping Aldi for 25 years thinking I was frugal. Compared to all my friends I am. I have tried coupon before and got discouraged. Due to great blogs like yours I think I have it figured out. Although I am only getting two papers. You figures are amazing! I am having a bit of a problem~we are not big packaged food people. I cook from scratch most always but I am seeing huge savings, my toiletries are really stocked up with not much out my pocket!
    Keep up the good work!

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