Magic Jack – Phone less then $20 per year

I have read a lot about this Phone system and think it’s very cool. Its a jack that you plug into your USB port on your computer, and then plug you phone line in to it. You can set up a phone number any where in the U.S. And you still use your normal phone.
Example: You live in California, but you want to call you parents and family that ALL live in New York City. You are tired of paying long distance, so get the Magic Jack and set up your phone number to be the area code in New York City! Now you can call them and they can call you with out paying long distance charges! Plus its only $20 per YEAR!
You also get:
FREE call waiting,
FREE directory assistance,
FREE voice mail,
FREE three way calling,
FREE call forwarding!
Now don’t go asking me if I use it. I don’t, because I have a internet, cable, and phone bundle I’m stuck with. But if I didn’t this is what I would be using. There have been so many good reviews on this system.
But with a FREE 30 day Trial how can you go wrong.
The following have written great reviews of this 2008 Product of the Year:
LA Times, BBC, CNBC, PC Magazine, New York Times, and many more. Check for your self by clicking the logo above.


3 Responses

  1. We have used Magic Jack for almost a year now and LOVE it! It's a pain sometimes when your internet goes out or something, but for the most part we've had great service. I don't think we've missed any calls!

    I like that the voice mail goes right to your email, so you can check it anywhere…even your moblie phone!

    Magic Jack has been fantastic and I DO NOT miss the $80 monthly AT&T bill we were getting! 🙂

  2. Although this seems like a great idea, the Magic Jack is not without it’s faults. I don’t know if the quality of service depends on location or what, but I’ve had one for about six months and I can never depend from day to day that I will have a working phone. Sometimes when I go to use it there is no dial tone and I may not have one for days at a time. Very frustrating. We got one to supplement our use of our cell phones but still use the cell phone most of the time. Also, alot of the time when it is working, there is alot of distortion in the line, to the point where we will have to hang up and call back on our cell. Finally, I have had alot of calls that will just drop right in the middle of a conversation. I just feel it isn’t a dependable means of phone service. Oh, and they didn’t even have a local exchange for my area so I have a Detroit area code and I live on the opposite side of the state!! Unless people have unlimited long distance, they can’t call me without it costing them, even if they live just down the street!

    We decided to remove the system from our computer this week and learned there is no uninstall program for the Majic Jack. I have a computer tech as a friend and it took him coming over and removing the program from the registry to finally remove it. Just not very convenient.

  3. I also have the magic jack and it is Awsome. I use it all the time. Not only can you use it in the states to call from state to state, but you can take it to other contries and use it to call the states. For instance my Mom is on Vacation in Mexico and is able to call home on her magic jack for free. You just have to have a good internet connection.

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