Free items, gift cards from Surveys

Well many have asked about what I think about surveys. You need to make sure to read the fine print and finish the survey, Make sure you use a new email address so your personal account does not get flooded with survey notices. Some are better than others, but they are a great way to get free gifts, and gift cards to a variety of items, and dollar amounts. If you have the time, which in you could of already filled out a form or 2 since you logged on to the computer today.

The above link provides real coupons to receive and gift cards to earn.

The below JCPenny link provides a gift card to JCPenny, and you can use it with the awesome sales they have. We go there for their clearance items, and get great clothes for near nothing.

My husband is always doing something in the house. When we start a project, he ends up making 6 or more trips to Lowes! Use this link below if you at least want to save some money doing it.

We had a huge response to the restaurants deals. here is a survey to get free gift cards.


3 Responses

  1. But is it really a good deal when you have to sign up for 8 or more other offers–that actually make you spend money–in order to qualify for the “free” gift card? I just don’t see how that is being thrifty since you have to sign up for offers you wouldn’t normally have signed up for. Do you do these? Have you received the gift cards? Even with a junk mail account, I am still asked to give personal information and pay money for things I wouldn’t use. I am just curious what you do. Thanks.

  2. Jodie, here are few sites that will give your even more info and I think should answer any questions you still might have. Thanks for your comments ans I hope this helps!

    2 great ladys with great info!!!

  3. Thanks for the quick reply!

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